Troop 171 Scouting Gazette

March 2020

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Information in this newsletter:

  • Looking and Planning Ahead
  • Spring Breaks Links and Info - important pre-trip meeting dates
  • Swimming Sessions for Rank Requirement AND Swimming Merit Badge
  • Medicine Mountain Summer Camp Links and Info
  • Adult Outdoor Training - from Dave Kreutzer
  • Klondike Derby Trip Report
  • BSA Medical Forms and Prescription Information
  • ICL Drive Surpasses Goal
  • New Assistant Scoutmaster
  • New Hospitality Chair
  • Save the Date for Scott Miller Celebration [June 6]
  • Needing ‘Experienced’ Uniforms - All sizes
  • Big News from First Pres
  • Keeping Outdoor Gear in Good Shape
  • Belize Inspection Takes Place

IMPORTANT REMINDER - please watch for email updates for important trip updates. For example, due to timing and number of Scouts returning from a trip, we may be moving departure and/or return locations!

Troop Website Update: We are working to find the balance between sharing our trips with families and to support recruiting with Internet safety to protect our Scouts, leaders and family. With that in mind, we have moved the picture pages and roster information behind our Members Only login page. The login info has not changed and will be published by direct email.

Troop Leaders:

Looking and Planning Ahead...

March 9: Adult Training [Backpacking recipes]

March 21-28: Spring Break Adventures
March 30: Order of the Arrow election
March 31: Adult Committee meeting
April 6: Senior Patrol Leader election in each troop
April 11: Merit Badge University
April 13: Patrol Leader elections in each troop

April 13: Adult Training with Dave Kreutzer [Outdoor shelters]
April 17-19: Campout, destination TBD
April 24-26: Senior Patrol Leader mandatory training, Magnolia Road

April 25: Eagle Project [Connor R.]
April 28: Adult Committee meeting
May 3: Court of Honor
May 8 - 9: Campout destination TBD
Summer Camp will take place at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch June 13-20 in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Spring Break Trips

Crews are set for the Spring Break trips. The Harris Wash Mini Adventure will have three boys and seven girls. The Dirty Devil Desert Adventure will have ten boys, and the Desert High Adventure will have five boys taking part. The Paria Canyon High Adventure had to be canceled, for only three boys signed up.

Harris Wash and Dirty Devil participants—Scouts as well as adults— should keep in mind the Sunday, March 8 Shakedown and Hike. Participants should show up at the main church parking lot (15th and Walnut) at 1:30 PM for a gear shakedown followed by a 30-minute hike. The purpose here is to make sure everyone’s pack and boots fit and that Scouts have all necessary gear. The gear lists are here:

Desert High Adventure Scouts and adults should prepare for a shakedown and full-pack rappel practice on Saturday, March 14 at 8:00 AM. Meet at the Justice Center parking lot.

Food buying for all three crews will take place on Thursday, March 19, at the Sunrise King Soopers on 30th Street in Boulder at 6:00 P.M. Attendance is mandatory. Please wear uniforms. Scouts and trip leaders will return to the church to pack the food for the trip.

Swimming Sessions for Rank Requirement AND Swimming Merit Badge

Stu Cummings and Laura Guedelhoefer continue to offer swimming sessions for rank advancement and the Swimming Merit Badge.

Next session is Thu, Mar 5, 2020 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM [Session 11]

Swimming Sign-up Link

Scout Mentor Teaching Assistants Needed! We are asking for Scouts in both troops who are strong swimmers to help teach strokes and general help with these sessions. If you can help, please sign up on the link above.

East Boulder Community Center Pool

Bring: • Entry fee for the recreation center ($5.00) • Swimsuit • Towel • Swim goggles

Upcoming sessions:

Sun, Mar 8, 20206:00 - 7:30 PM [Session 12]

Thu, Mar 12, 20207:00 - 8:30 PM [Session 13]

Sun, Mar 15, 20206:00 - 7:30 PM [Session 14]

Medicine Mountain Summer Camp - MB Signup, Permission Slip, Payment Schedule

IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION - later this week, we will be sending out an Summer Camp Registration Update. In the upcoming update:

  • Scout will register for Merit Badges and High Adventure programs
  • Permission Slip - every Scout and adult who is going to Medicine Mountain Summer Camp MUST complete the release in the upcoming Registration Update.

  • Permission Slip and Class Registration [coming soon]

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Base summer camp fee. High Adventure fees extra and due ASAP to improve chances of getting a spot at registration.

- $150 Deposit DUE with Signup

- $150 [$300 to date] Payment #2 due by March 2

- $150 [$450 to date} Final Payment due by April 1

SPECIAL NOTE FOR PAYMENT: Scouts can sign up for High Adventures and Merit Badges when they have paid a total of $300 for Merit Badges or $375 (or $450) for High Adventures. It is important to reach this deadline as soon as possible IF you are hoping to register for any of the High Adventure programs since they fill up fast.

Scouts of ALL ages from both Troop 171 G and Troop 171 B are strongly encouraged to attend summer camp at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch in South Dakota. Now it is time to get confirmed names and payments.

* CAMP DATES: Saturday, June 13 to Saturday, June 20, 2020
* WHO: Open to ALL Scouts in Troop 171G and Troop 171B
* ADULTS: We need adults other than the Scoutmaster staff to help with Boards of Review and other advancement at camp.
* DRIVERS: We will need drivers to and from camp on the dates above. We ALSO will need enough drivers for the out-of-camp excursion on Wednesday.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT DEADLINES - Scouts can sign up for High Adventures and Merit Badges when they have paid a total of $300 for Merit Badges or $375 (or $450) for High Adventures. This is especially important for older Scouts (age 14 and above) who are wanting to sign up for Caving, Climbing, Mountain Biking and ATV's. These classes are limited and FILL FAST!

Adult Outdoor Training

We continue our series of adult outdoor training sessions with a March 9 session on backpacking recipes. Please bring your favorite recipe to share. The April 13 session is on outdoor shelter. Please bring your favorite tent and/or tarp. These trainings take place during the Monday night Scout meetings.

Klondike Report

Troop 171B and Troop 171G had a good Klondike. The weather was great, we had plenty of snow, and the Narwhal Patrol’s sled came close to winning its division; they scored 109 points, while the winners totaled 111 points. The Panda Patrol from 171G placed fifth out of nine sleds, and the Elvis Singing Ducks Patrol placed sixth. Klondike Derby - All Scores

The older Scouts in Troop 171B successfully ran one of the Klondike cities wherein 20 sleds of Scouts demonstrated first aid skills in two areas: a snakebite victim and a heart attack.

Both troops enjoyed a dinner cooked by adults. On Saturday night, some 150 doughnuts were served to great acclaim. That night the snow fell, and we woke up on Sunday morning and hightailed it to the Nederland Teen Center, where a sumptuous breakfast cooked by Troop 171 parents awaited. Many thanks to all who cooked and served the breakfast.

Website Pictures for Klondike Derby - coming soon

Klondike Slideshow Fun from the Troop Meeting

BSA Medical Forms and Prescription Information

Each Scout and adult going to summer camp or spring break MUST have an up-to-date BSA Medical parts A, B and C.

Full information including is on the Troop Website. Includes:

  • BSA Medical Info and Directions
  • Link to the BSA Medical forms [new 2019 version required]
  • Troop 171 Medical Form Status [from Barb to show if your forms are expired]

REMINDER - all medications {prescription and over-the-counter] MUST be in their original bottle. They must also be turned in to the adult leaders for safety. Scouts must also inform, show and make plans with the trip leader for important self-carry meds such as asthma inhalers and EpiPens.

ICL Drive Surpasses Goal

Troop 171B and Troop 171G parents and leaders contributed $12,932.820 to the Long Peak Council’s Investment in Character and Leadership, surpassing our overall goal of $10,000. These donations help pay for council expenses such as personnel, camps, and youth programs. Thanks to all who made a contribution to this year’s ICL, and a special thanks to Yuchen Chan for heading this effort.

New Assistant Scoutmaster

Thomas Pennell, father of Star Scout Reed, has become our newest Assistant Scoutmaster. Thomas has served on the Adult Committee and accompanied 171B on various backpacking trips. Thomas, a New York City native, works as a merger and acquisition consultant and is the co-founder of an organic farm in Baja, Mexico. He is also a devoted road cyclist.

New Hospitality Chair

Perrine Pavillard has agreed to serve as Hospitality Chair for both troops. She is the mother of Elliott in 171B and Celeste in 171G. Perrine saw action at the Klondike breakfast and will coordinate potluck dinners and Eagle Courts of Honor. She takes over from Tammy Livingstone and Diane Gerwig, who (literally) served us for years.

Save the Date for Scott Miller Celebration

Troop 171B and Troop 171G will honor former Scoutmaster Scott Miller at a picnic on June 6. Details to follow.

Needing ‘Experienced’ Uniforms

In the next couple of months, several Webelos Cub Scouts and other boys and girls will be joining our troops. Do you have a uniform that your Scout has outgrown? If so, and if you are willing to donate it to a new Scout, please bring it to Jeff Bradley at any of the meetings.

Big News from First Pres

The First Presbyterian Church in Boulder, which has sponsored Troop 171B for almost 68 years, has announced a name change and exciting plans for their physical plant, including the Annex where we meet. For more info, click here:

Keeping Outdoor Gear in Good Shape

Troop 171B and Troop 171G outings can be tough on gear. Here are some good places to get gear repaired or do-it-yourselfers can make gear from kits:

· Boulder Mountain Repair can repair tents, sleeping bags and other gear.

· Ripstop by the Roll offers make-it-yourself kits for tents, tarps, hammocks, and more.

· TentPole Technologies can repair and/or replace tent poles.

· Quest Outfitters offers replacement parts for gear and do-it-yourself kits for tents and backpacks.

Belize Inspection Takes Place

Jeff Bradley and Marta Turnbull left the wintry weather of Colorado to inspect the lodging and dive shop in San Pedro, Belize, where Troop 171B will be diving this summer. The dive shop is located on the resort’s dock, and the people in Belize are most eager to accommodate the divers.