First Grade Insider

Mrs. Keinsley

Investigations in the Classroom

Reading: The Class Pet

We will be using this expository text introduce facts and opinions.

Questions to ask your student while reading at home:

Is ______________ (statement from a story) a fact or an opinion? HOW DO YOU KNOW?

Writing: Narratives

We are continuing our personal narratives. Many of our students are finishing up their rough drafts and will begin creating their final books using our Ipads.

Math: Place Value

In this math unit we will continue working on tens and ones and telling what is one/ten more or less than any number. This unit lays a very important foundation for when we start adding two digit numbers.

We are continuing to work on our Racing Through The Facts to help our students become more fluent at calculations.

From the Teacher

Parent Teacher Conferences

Our Spring Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up in February. If you would like to schedule a conference please fill out the paper sent home and return by January 22nd.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Classroom Pictures

All of the pictures on our newsletters and lots of additional ones are available for viewing and printing on our class Shutterfly shite. If you did not receive the invitation email please let me know.


We are collecting items for our DISNEY basket.

All baskets will be auctioned off to raise money

for our school. Please make sure to bring in an

item for our class basket. As of now we only

have one item for our basket. Thanks!

Our Favorite Brain Break This Week

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp: Dance-A-Long Video