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April 2014

Dear Parents,

A whole week devoted to reading and books sounds like my idea of paradise. For the week of April 7th, Academia Cotopaxi will be celebrating reading and books in a big way. There will be a book swap for prek-5th grades, guest readers, visiting authors, an assembly, a family event and more. If you would like to learn more, please email me at

I also want to let you know about the upcoming HALF PRICE ONE DAY BOOK SALE. On April 24th, the day for self-directed parent conferences, there will be a sale of new books in the library for half off the book fair price. We will also have a $1 raffle for a basket of books and goodies. Please come by to stock up on you and your child's reading material. All the proceeds will go to the Library Media prize fund.

A highlight of this month's newsletter are the books that have made a difference in staff and teacher's lives. I hope you will take a moment to look at the list and think about a book or books that have touched your life in some way. It might make for some interesting road trip conversation with your family as well.

Best wishes for a safe and fun-filled holiday,

Jennifer Gibson-Millis a.k.a. Mrs. G-M


The most popular book chosen by the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders was...drumroll please...The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The students whose brackets most resembled the winning bracket were:
3rd grade
Nicolas G.

4th grade
Emilio-the only student to get all 15 correct!!!

5th grade

These students will receive their choice of ice cream from the snack bar.

Thanks to everyone for participating and to Ms. Gloria for maintaining the bulletin board.

Books Make a Difference Week --APRIL 7TH-11TH!!

For the week of April 7th through 11th, Academia Cotopaxi will be celebrating the joys of reading and books. From enjoying guest readers to engaging in a conversation with authors and illustrators, there will be activities all week long. Please read below for some information on some of the exciting activities.

Reading Makes a Difference! EVENING EVENT

Who: Academia Cotpaxi Families

When: Wednesday, April 9th from 6:00 to 7:30


  • Reading Workshop for Parents
  • 8th grade Poetry Slam
  • Puppeteer
  • Recycle Book and Bookmark Activity
  • Refreshments
  • Book Sale via The Giving Tree

Where: Academia Cotopaxi

  • Library Media Center
  • Auditorium
  • C32

How much:


Questions: Please email Mrs. Gibson-Millis at


All the preschool through 5th grade classes will have an opportunity to swap a "good as new" book for another "good as new" book during the week of April 7th. Starting on March 24th, preschool through 5th grade students can bring a book(s) to school to "donate". These donations will be organized according to grade levels and made available during Reading Week.

We also encourage donations since some students might not be able to bring a book to donate. These donations will provide "tickets" for other students who do not bring books. We will NOT be taking money for books. It is not a fund raiser. Students will receive their tickets and will be choosing their book(s) during their Library Media Class during Reading Week. April 7th through 11th. Please email Mrs. Gibson-Millis at with any questions.

Leamos Juntos

On Thursday, April 11 2014 from 8:15 to 3:00; the Spanish Department is organizing its annual “LEAMOS JUNTOS” interscholastic event. This year, we are including all students in grades 6th-8th and it will have the model of a literary conference. Please contact Elsa Maria at for more information.

Spanish Book Donation Drive

During our reading week, we received donations of Spanish books. These donations will be given to Bissee Books which is an organization that takes books to disadvantaged communities via bus. You can find out more information by going here.

PreK-5th Grade Dress up as your Favorite Book Character DAY Thursday, April 10th

Please remember:

Costume guidelines:

Students should bring their costumes to school unless their classroom teacher tells them otherwise.

Costumes should be “child-friendly” and allow for easy movement in order to avoid accidents.

Students are asked to refrain from using any of the following:

a. High heels

b. Dangerous or intimidating accessories such as weapons even if these are toys or small in size

c. Costumes that represent violent characters or can be scary for younger children

d. Masks that cover the face

e. Inappropriate clothing for children’s age

Books that have made a difference!

Teachers and staff members were asked to share a book that has made a difference in their lives as children and/or as adults. Here are a few that were shared.

HALF PRICE, ONE DAY Book Sale Thursday, April 24th

During Parent/Student conferences on Thursday, April 24th, there will be a half price book sale in the library media center. All of the leftover books from the book fair in November will be on sale for half the book fair price. There will also be a raffle for a basket of books and goodies. Please come by and stock up on some books for all ages.

AC Library Media Staff

Ms. Rita--Lower School Library Media Assistant
Ms. Gloria--Upper School Library Media Assistant
Ms. Anita--Both Lower and Upper School Library Media Assistant
Mrs. G-M--PreK-12 Teacher Librarian/Head Librarian