rain gauge


What is a rain gauge?

A rain gauge is an instrument measures the rain,and snow.

1. What's a meteorologist?

A meteorologist is a weather forecaster.

What tools do they rely on to do their job?

There tools are thermometers witch measures the air temperatures,anemometers which gauge the winds speeds,and barometers which provide information on air pressure.

2. What does a rain gauge measure?

A rain gauge measures how much it rain,snow,and hail.

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5. who needs the information that we gather from using this instrument?

Everybody because they have to know if its rained or snowed in the past.

3. How to set up an rain gauge?

To set up a rain gauge you have to put on a flat surface outside.Everyday you check the measuring of the water,or snow.After you empty it and dry it thoroughly.

4. Why is the information the instrument tells us important?

Rain gauge is for seeing how big or small the snow,rain,or hail.



1.extremely attentive

I dried my hair thoroughly.


1.A person who studies weather,or predicts weather.

A forecaster said it was going to rain on Sunday.

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