African Masks

a journey through AFRICA:)

African Mask History

My personal defection of a mask is a covering of the face. African masks are used as part of a ceremonial costume. They are used in social events and to represent the spirits of dead ancestors. They can also be used to control the good and evil forces in the tribe. I think that this is a very important to their culture and their beliefs. The African style of masks are made from wood, bronze, brass, copper, ivory, bone, and even skulls.

African Mask Style

Some of the main characteristics in the African style is that they use wood and in some cases they dye the wood for certain spiritual reasons. They also have a various range of using animal or human shapes. I personally noticed that the faces in their masks are very oddly shaped, out of proportion. Their style is unique to the culture. I think i can pick 2 elements; Shape and Texture. Also 2 principles; Pattern and Emphasis

My Opinion:)

I personally think that the African style masks are unique to the culture and very interesting. i like that they have a pretty awesome meaning for the religious purposes. Also they way that they pick the tree to cut in order to make the mask(not included in this project) I think that I may have to look into this a little more after this project:)