Writing Portfolio (:

K. Halterman 3

About me (:

Well first, My full name is kali renee halterman and my birthday is August 29th, 1997 so i am 16! I like to be unique and i like unique things. Some things you need to know about me is that my favorite color is blue, i don't like to read, and i dont like school very much. I heard i have the most beautiful and mesmerizing green eyes people have ever seen. I have really long blonde hair with a little brown and pink to it. I am tall and sometimes i like it and sometimes i dont. I am the oldest sibling i have 4 brothers and one adopted sister. I like rap music and a little of punk rock. I don't really have a specific favorite food. My phone is my life and i would die without it..litterally. I have a few bestfriends and im still finding out who my real friends are, but i would say Hunter, Bethanie, Destiny, Dustie, and Erin are my mains.

Purpose of this writing portfolio

I have this writing portfolio because my teacher made me and shes grading it and if i dont have it i will get a zero! I'm just kidding but that is a reason.. The reason i have this portfolio is too express myself and for my teacher to see how good of a writer i and other people are. I will benefit to this by getting a good grade and writing without even knowing that it is a grade. To express myself without a specific topic given.

6 word Memoir

I am Funny, Crazy, Lazy, Unique, Caring, Helping

Quote #12

"If you lose your temper, you've lost the argument" ~Joseph Joubert

Don't lose your temper and show that a person has made you mad,.Because they will do it more. Just ignore them and sooner or later they will go away

I am like the color blue because i am bright. Inwardly i am like black because i am dark

reflection of the persuasive essay

I liked about this essay is that you could write about anything you wanted and had no prompt. I really didn't dislike anything about this essay. I thought this essay was easy and Ms. Jones took it really simple and broke down what to do and put examples. One of my weaknesses is that i tend to get off topic and usually cant end sentences. One of my strengths is i love to free write and not with a specific prompt. I wouldn't change anything about this essay.