Хобби - Module Ten

October 31, вторник - Make sure to scroll the page >>>


I hope you stay safe today, during Halloween. We do have conversation sessions today. If you can not attend due to Halloween celebration, you can listen to the recording of the missed session and submit it to this week conversation session assignment. Remember, listening to the recording gives you only half of the possible grade (5 out of 10) However, it you took advantage of the Bonus opportunity I had on Friday it will compensate for the lost points.
Another option, ask your coach if she has any upcoming make up sessions.

Did you know that Halloween is not celebrated in Russia. It used to be that people did not even know about this Holiday. Now, since Russian borders are opened many young Russians love to try everything foreign, young people are starting to celebrate it. Who does not love party? Below are three articles that will tell you more about this holiday in Russia. However, pumpkin carving is very popular in Russia. See some images below.

Halloween in Russia? article
To ban Halloween in Russia? article
Halloween in Russia article

Here is a good article about Russian fairy tale heroes that can fall in Halloween category

Что делать вo вторник?

  • Today, on Tuesday, we work in Module Ten Хобби.
  • Start reviewing the vocabulary from Monday. You have to practice vocabulary at least 10-15 min daily. It is important to listen to the recording, do quizlet activities, say words out loud yourself.
  • Proceed to Module 10 Lesson Two Expressing Likes in Russian folder. Also, see information about likes below.
  • Attend your Conversation sessions.
  • Read my comments in Grades. Turn in late work to improve your grade.

New Expression: How to say "I like ..." in Russian

To say "I like" in Russian we use the verb "любить". You all remember that we have to conjugate Russian verbs. In other words we have to use different form with different subject of the sentence.

Practice the expressions below with the recording

"I like" Expressions Recording

Big image
Fantastic job Cayden W. and Kayla S. for doing a bonus activity from the last week and sending me the recording! I am very proud of your work!

I hope you all are reading my announcements. I will be posting about some bonus opportunities there. Do not miss them!

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Need to reach your teacher

Can you guess the building? In which Russian city it is located?