The Northeast Region

Created by Kenneth, Erik,and Maddox


The northeast region has long,cold winters and moderately warm summers. There are not a lot of storm like tornados or earthquakes only hurricanes and tropical storms. The northeast is home to one of the windiest mountain on earth, mount Washington.

Products and natural resources

The Northeast regions products are cranberries and seafood, plus it's natural recourses are Maple trees and the normal rocks. One of these rocks is marble. a lot of are products are natural.

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There are some very surprising landmarks such as Mount Washington. Some other landmarks are Hershey park, the Statue of Liberty, and the liberty bell. Look below for pictures.


The foods we have here are natural to the ocean close to the coast. The fun we have here is more basketball and volleyball because they were made here. The people here are mostly imagrants because are coast was one of the first places to introduce imagrants.

Our region

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