Continuing our Journey!

Week of Feb 22nd - 26th

The Evolution of Inclusion: The past and future of education

"We have Movement!" - Shelley Moore

Leave it to Shelley Moore with her 5 Moore Minutes to remind us that we are on a journey! We are committed to supporting our Inclusive Practices journey in so many ways over the years. We have shifted our classroom structures, conversations, data reviews, professional development, created a vision and structures to live into the 7 Components, partnered with our students and families, amplified student voices, honed our practices to learn from the few and support the all and so much more.

Take a moment and think about some of the steps, actions, and experiences on your journey. Consider the experiences of your students and families! Celebrate it!

As we step into Hybrid instruction, this is another moment in our journey to imagine, reimagine and commit to inclusive practices, while we co-create what this looks like in the Hybrid Model. It is important that we do our part to mitigate the spread of the virus. This means that we all must limit our cohorts, as well.

One great way that we can impact all of our students with your knowledge, collaboration and shared capacity while maintaining safety during hybrid instruction is to lean into Co-Planning. This is a great time to revisit how the 5-15-45 tool supports our Inclusive Practices Journey and allows for access, opportunities and connections. Here's to continuing our journey!

Did you have a Meeting Rescheduled Due to the Inclement Weather Closure?

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe, warm and have power restored.

Some meetings needed to be canceled last week while schools were closed with the impacts of the storm. If your team had an IEP meeting and whose deadline was missed due to the need to reschedule, go ahead and reschedule it as soon as you are able. You can use a PWN template on the Student Services Website to describe that the need to reschedule the meeting due to Inclement Weather. You need to be signed in to the website to access these templates. We have also put the template in the Student Services Shared Materials Drive.

Adobe Sign Tip of the Week

Have you ever needed to change a recipient once you have sent a document out for signing? You can do it!

If a recipient did not attend a meeting or you need to change the recipient after the PDF is out for signature, there may be two options depending on what stage the document is at in the signing process.

Check out our WLWV Adobe "Getting Started Guide" and jump to this section!

Wednesday Workshops

Comprehensive Literacy For All Book Study

Wednesday February 24

Supporting Student Regulation in the Hybrid Model (Middle/High School)

Wednesday March 3rd


*Please remember to sign up on the Student Services Professional Development Calendar! Here is a quick video tutorial on how to Sign-in for the PD Calendar if you need support!

ParaEducator Workshops

Supporting Student Regulation in the Hybrid Model (Middle/High School)

Friday March 5th


This session will also be recorded if you are unable to join the session due to other trainings happening in your building.

*Please remember to sign up on the Student Services Professional Development Calendar! Here is a quick video tutorial on how to Sign-in for the PD Calendar if you need support!

Columbia Regional Program ParaEducator Training

We wanted to share a voluntary PD opportunity from Columbia Regional coming up next month:

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Four-Part Training Series for Paraeducators

March 1, March 3, March 8, March 10

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (each session is 2 hours)

During this four-part series, paraeducators will:

  • Discover what is going on “beneath the surface” with your students that have ASD and how to use practical strategies to address the characteristics of ASD
  • Review the role of paraeducator including scope and responsibilities
  • Explore how to effectively communicate to get the information you need to support students and work well with your school team members
  • Discuss positive strategies for preventing and responding to challenging behaviors including de-escalation and crisis management
  • Learn how to use prompting to teach skills and fade prompts to promote student independence
  • Study the use of various evidence-based practices (visual supports, reinforcement, social skill groups, social stories, video modeling, etc.)

To register, visit the event listing on our website at