Ernest Hemingway

By: Deisy Lino

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4. His mom dressed him as girl up until he was four years old, and made his older sister and him dress as twin sisters. His hair was as long hers.
5. While he was alive he had 4 marriages, and divorced 3 of them.
6. He had 3 children.
7.His books were very well known for being short and straight to the point, he basically gobbled up life.
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8. He died at the age of 62, many believe it was suicide he used his shotgun he bought from Abercombie & Finch.

9.Five other family members in Hemingway's family have committed suicide.

10. His youngest son Gregory died in 2001 of disease.

11. His youngest also struggled with gender sometimes taking the name Gloria.

12. He had recipes for food like hamburger & apple pie.

13. His recipes were put up in museums .

14. His home in key west is available for wedding and tours.

15. His home is roamed by many 6 toed cats.

16. There is Ernest Hemingway look a like society.

17. In 1947 he won the bronze star medal for his bravery in world war ll

18. He won the noble literature prize.

19.He was an alcoholic.

20. His life was full adventure.