Great Expectations



In the story Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the narrator not only has conflicts with the people around him, but with himself. He goes through a journey of self improvement and finding out who he truly is. Conflict with others rises through the story. Him and Estella seem to have the most conflict as well as his sister. Yet he struggles to fight his own feelings along the way and tries to find himself in his great expectations of life.


The climax of the story for me was when Miss Havisham burned in the fire. It was the peek of the story for me because be she was a huge part of Pip's life and future. Another climax was Orlick attempting to murder Pip. Pip has had many surprises and shocks during his life and these two were the peek of his life.

Falling Action

The falling action of Great Expectations takes place a lot in chapter 54. After Magwitch's capture and Magwitch's death are both major falling actions. Also Pip being reunited with Estella and Pips reconciliation with Joe are both other falling actions of the story.
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