Hector Garcia

by: Oscar Moore and Jake Mallon

About Hector

Hector was a political activist, surgeon, American Physician, World War II veteran. He was born in Liera, Tamaulip Mexico on January 17, 1914.


Hector was known as " doctor to the barrios" offering low -and no-cost treatment to impoverished patients. He was the founder of the GI Forum.

Notible Individuals Involved

One incident that helped increase the significance of the A.G.I.F. was the unfair treatment of Private Felix Longoria.

Was Garcia Succsesful

Garcia was a very successful man, he stayed in and gradated, became a doctor who went to the army to help the injured.

How Did Garcia Effect Society

it became an advocate for all Hispanics broadened its activities through out the states civic affairs. Garcia was served as a delegate to the united nation with ambassadorial rank and was the first Mexican-American member of the U.S Civil Rights commission.