Hello June!!!

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Fresh start, MAJOR launch, and crushing goals!

Let's hit the ground running with a strong goal for this brand new month - most of you are still in your "fast start", so we will need to really dig into how you will crush your FS goals AS WELL as your June goal <3 How will we start this process? Book your June kick-off call ASAP! (https://maliaadams.youcanbook.me/)

c+i on the fly: "hello, june!"


June is an action packed month full of exciting new opportunities for your business! Watch Mal's video above and read on for what you can do this week to set yourself up for success in June!

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Find your dream hostess's and rock those pop-up's!

Don't forget to use our assets in the "marketing center" of the homepage to woo those girlfriends who want to support you but may not have the funds, SOMEONE in their network WILL. Step out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. Ashley and I were chatting up business partnerships with SALONS! These will be MONEY with our new launch, schedule a partnership day between the 10th and 25th with a "preview" of the new hair bling - why not!?!? https://www.chloeandisabel.com/marketing-center
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Let's Chat!

I wanna know... In the comment section below!


1) Sales Goal

2) Pop-Up Goal (Amount of Pops)

3) What do you need to commit to meet your goals?

4) What can I do to help?


National Call - Tuesday's at 9pm EST

Check back here and/or on our team page (facebook and merch perch) for the next national call LINK... next up is June 6th launch call with the product launching immediately afterwards (at 10pm EST). I will keep this link as updated, as I can :-)

Bling Queen Hotline

PLEASE feel free to reach out, the merchandisers that communicate with their mentors are proven to be more successful! I am here for you <3