Hachim Al Shenawy

The forgotten hero.

The act of defiance and bravery!

Hachim, a 17 year old Syrian boy born and raised in Aleppo risks his life everyday to fight Islamic State for his helpless people. "Die to be reborn". These are the words that keep Hachim going in his everyday life fighting his enemies. Hachim was a victim of a bombing attack on one of the buildings standing tall in Aleppo. Losing his parents and siblings, he seeks to eliminate the Islamic State not in vengeance but glory.

Pay to save another

It was January 65th, 2015. The warm and sunny day in the southern part of Aleppo was about to experience the biggest bloodbath yet. The IS was taking multiple hostages in a building in the forgotten and abandoned city. Hachim was one of the fighters who was planning to rescue the hostages along with a group of small fighters that protected Syria. Losing his life was not a problem or a fear for Hachim, but perhaps losing his people and his beloved country to a bunch of extremists. They raided the building killing at least 4 IS fighters and losing 6 of their own. Hachim had his pistol that his father gave to him before he died and he found it to be his only option in that violent and cruel world he was in. After making it to the hostages, Hachim found an elderly woman tied up to a chair with explosives around her hips. No one had noticed why he was panicking until Hachim tackled the woman out the window to a 50 feet fall. As he was falling down and before the bomb detonated, Hachim saw a flash of his whole life and the good he had done for the people inside that building and in Syria. In a matter of seconds a loud thud was heard across Syria and perhaps the world. The fighters and the hostages looked as the life of a hero had disappeared in a matter of seconds. Crying and sobbing, witnesses were saddened by what they had seen. The young Syrian hero struck their hearts by his actions for giving up his soul to save so many lives.

Gone but not forgotten

Many Syrians adored Hachim as loyal, brave and unbreakable. Hachim is one of many children struggling to survive in their bloody world, but Hachim is the one and only to give his life for others.

Chase and Status

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