the endangered sumatran elephats

namani simpson/ period 6

endangered species

an endangered species is a species that is seriously at risk of extinction. the Sumatran elephants usually live Indonesia islands of Sumatra. the Sumatran elephant has been classified as an endangered species since 2011. in the past 75 years the population of the elephant has decreased about 80%. today only about 2,400–2,800 wild elephants remand.

Challenges, solution and more

the Sumatran elephants is endangered because half of its population was lost in one generation. it declined due to habitat lost and humans hunting them. Sumatran elephants feed on a variety of plants and deposit seeds wherever they go, contributing to a healthy forest ecosystem. the solution of solving the problems is to have people guard the last elephants.the Challenges of saving the elephants is the money and finding good people to guard them


vidoe summary

this video was about how people are killing the elephants because of the oil the grow where the elephants live. when they take they habitat away from they the elephants have to find somewhere else to live. And when the elephants go somewhere else to live they ruin the crops that the natives are growing, so they kill the elephants too.