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What is your favorite TV program?

We likes THE 100, Walking Dead, Glee. Lee Na Yeong likes Glee because she likes funny dramas. Cheon Mi Rim likes THE 100 because very interesting.
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THE 100

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Walking Dead

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Full Performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" from "New Directions" | GLEE

What newspaper and magazines do you read?

We likes BAZZAR because It is famous. Na yeong Lee likes VOGUE and ELLE because interested in fashion
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Elle Fashion Week Thailand Fall/Winter 2012-13 | FashionTV ASIA

which game show do you like the best why?

We like Ellen Show. Ellen show is many famous and very funny.
Johnny Depp Full Interview - Ellen Show 2014

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

We like Huggies advertisement because the video is very cut

But we hate the Kia advertisement because the video appear a mouse.

외국광고 하기스
미국 광고는 정말 대단해...

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