No poverty in Belgium anymore

by Ruben Janssens

What WE can do

Poverty is a sad thing, but worth fighting for. When you simply walk through a station, you see a lot of waifs and strays. Especially immigrants, but also purebred Belgians. Many people look down to them and have prejudices when they don't even know anything about his/her life and past. That's something I can't stand! Even when they really did something wrong (as example a crime), everyone deserves a second chance. Now, the coldest days of the year are coming, we have to handle immediately! Reason enough to ask your help. We can do a lot. Collecting money is a start, but it wouldn't help all the homeless people. We can do more, we can center in the cities and show our need for help. Our help is necessary. Convince other people will like that persuade the politicians, beacause that are the people that will make our plans come true. We have to start a protest, and it will be seen! If you want to fight against the injustice for the homeless and in this way making the poverty in Belgium a bit better, then contact Ruben J. via his email adress

Thanks in advance,

Ruben J.


Sunday, Feb. 16th, 3pm

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Brussels