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Celebratory Edition

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THE NCLA wins $10,000 in a Labels for Education Sweepstakes!

This fall every participating Labels for Education® UPC and Beverage/Sauce Cap submitted was an entry into the Labels for Education Sweepstakes in addition to earning points. 100 schools stood to win a Grand Prize was $10,000. We are so excited to be one of those schools! The NCLA is a grand prize winner and the work of all who collected and submitted labels is so appreciated! It obviously pays off!!

We would like to thank everyone who collects and turns in items for our sponsor programs. A huge and special THANK YOU to ANGELA TOMES who works so hard on the Labels for Education program! Your dedication is admirable! THANK YOU ANGELA!!!!

The Administration is reviewing the priorities set for this year and will identify the best use of these funds to benefit The NCLA students. We have so many needs at The NCLA and this prize will certainly help!

Sponsor programs pay off!

As noted above, the sponsor programs pay off!

As you are doing your holiday shopping, please remember to use Amazon Smile and choose The NCLA as your charity of choice. Link your Target card to The NCLA and please join shoparoo. We currently have 23 people using the shoparoo app and have already earned $50. Imagine what we can earn if many more participants!! To use Shoparoo, click here.

PTO will have shirts and Raffle tickets in the gym monday morning!

During drop off Monday morning, the PTO will be in the gym selling Follow the Leader shirts and Golden Tickets for the raffle of (2) $50 Visa Gift Cards. There will be two raffle winners, each winning a $50 gift card! The winners will be drawn at the Panera Party on Thursday night at Panera. Who doesn't need a little more cash this time of year? Be sure to stop in the gym!