Animated website videos

for business

Animated website videos for business

There are 3 Kinds of Important Videos for Business. In the modern age of social and interactive media, businesses who know how to best connect with their potential customers are getting ahead. One of the most trusted ways to do this is with explainer videos for business. These short, 2-5 minute videos clearly show potential clients who you are and what sets you apart from the competition.

Still, not all videos for business are created equal. If you are really interested in how an explainer video can work for you, you should consider the top 3 types of videos for business: The general explainer video, the employee video and the sales video.

Explainer Videos

Basically, this type of video for business is exactly how it sounds. Through graphics, voiceovers and a well-defined script, these videos often explain in 2-5 minutes what it would take you or your co-workers an hour to describe. Not only that, but these explainer videos have been shown to boost sales tremendously. According to, general explainer videos can increase sales and click-through rates from between 15-75%!

Employee Videos

Since businesses have found that external videos have resulted in more interaction and bottom-line growth, many companies are using this same strategy to interact with their employees. Employee videos for businesses are directed at teaching employees new skills, sharing vital HR information or describing a process that may be difficult for many of them to understand. These types of videos are a huge trend over the past 5 years, and have been very successful at making employees feel valued and “in the loop.”

Sales Videos

Unlike television or radio advertisement, your website is not limited to the length of video that is predefined by someone else. As long as you have an interesting, engaging concept and a well-written script (with good visual images that lead towards conversion), you can create any length of advertising video at a fraction of the cost on a traditional medium. Since people surfing the web are often willing to spend hours looking at things they find to be interesting, a well-planned long-form video advertisement has a much better chance of success than a short one that doesn’t clearly explain what you sell and why it is better than your competition.

Are you interested in making one or all of these types of videos for business work for you? Give Tim Goodspeed Demo Videos a call today, or come by our website. We would love the chance to show you how a $2,000 video investment could bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business, almost overnight.

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