Leads+ Hooks+ Grabbers+ Anecdotes

How to start your informational essay.

Leads, Hooks, and Grabbers

Leads, hooks, and grabbers are the same things. They help start off your essays in ways to get your reader's attention and make the readers wanna read more.


To make your reader jump into reading.
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To ease your reader into the setting to make them wanna see where it's happnin'.
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Ask your readers a question to get them intrigued.


Character Hook, Puzzle, 3 Strong Words, Situation, New Twist, Figurative Language, Song/Poem.
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Thought we were done did ya, nah, we got some anecdotes. Anecdotes are some short stories or jokes to have your reader fall back on when they start reading. It's also should be related to the topic and something that the reader can always go back to to get them through your boring paper.
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