Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Hawaiian Day!

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Friday, June 5, 2015 - General News

Friday, June 5th, all supplies went home.

What a fun week! The week went by super fast and was action packed. See pictures below the Reflections, for all of the fun we had this week!!

A big thank you to Miss Smith for demonstrating and teaching our class about the bassoon!! They loved it!

I have sent home summer packets for your children. There are journal pages for summer writing and fun summer 2nd grade review activities. If your child works on one activity page per day (Mon. - Fri.), they will keep fresh all of the skills they learned in second grade and be ready to jump into third grade come August!

Monday, June 8th is the last day of school. We will have Field Day on Monday.




The week of June 8th:


Field Day

"See Ya Second Grade, It's Been Sweet!" Lemonade Day


Summer break begins!


Writing/ Reading:

This week the students shared their Country Research Google Presentations. They shared one piece of their project to the entire class (with the SmartBoard) and then their entire project to their team with iPads. They did an amazing job!!! You will be able to view the presentations from your child's Google account.

The students performed a bit of reader's theater with "I Read To You, And You Read To Me" selections. The selections were all based on Fairy Tales and Folk Tales. Since the weather was beautiful, the readings were performed outside in the school's courtyard. They all did a lovely job reading fluently and using character voices.

Be sure to check out your child's "I am" poem. Your children's insight is inspiring!

Country Presentations

Courtyard Reader's Theater

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Social Studies/Science

This week in Science the students continued learning about nutrition. We also discussed exercise, germs, and staying healthy!


This week in Math we reviewed money, time, two part number stories, and arrays. Ask your child what their favorite activity was. You would not have believed how quiet the room was when the children went on an "array hunt"!

Array Hunt!

Social and Emotional Learning

This week we were fortunate to have some 5th graders come in and talk with our class about a "Buddy Bench". The fifth graders along with Mrs. Szurek created a video explaining how the "Buddy Bench" works. The hope is that one of the benches on our playground will be painted or decorated to easily identify which bench is the "Buddy Bench". Our class took what they said very seriously and have already begun to seek out boys and girls who appear to left out, lonely, or just in need of a friend.


Victoria: "I learned about the bassoon and money.."

Dayejawone: "I learned about arrays and bullet points."

Tyler: "I learned about germs, how to make a clay bird and how to write in cursive. I want to learn how to make a volcano."

Draven: "I learned about regrouping and arrays."

Maya: "I learned about germs, rules in math, money, a country, and arrays."

Taryn: "I learned about the bassoon in Music, muscles, different countries, number stories, and teamwork."

Joel: "I learned about germs, tug o' war in P.E., making pyramids, and arrays."

Adam: "I learned about telling time, to be nice to people, and math."

Luis: "I learned about fractions."

Joshua: " I learned about telling time, P.E., Art, Music, and Icy-Pops."

Nigel: "I learned about germs, In and out machines in math, arrays, and the Buddy Bench."

Shirat: "I learned about the bassoon, and I want to learn more about time and money."

Tess: "I learned about the bassoon and about being nice."

Luke: "I learned about germs, rules, money, and arrays."

Asia: "I learned about making stuff with shapes, adding tens, and arrays! I want to learn more about arrays!"

Julian: "I learned don't make people sad when they are already sad, be nice to people, don't be mean, and don't make teachers frustrated." (this made me laugh out loud :-) )

Justin: "I learned about 2 step problems."

Kyle: "I learned about germs, the Buddy Bench, arrays, and fractions."

Ryann: "I learned about 2 step problems and arrays."

Class Picnic

Have a wonderful week!