Waco Mammoth Fossil Site

by Spenser Miner

Big News!

There has been a new opening called Mammoth National Monument located in Waco,Texas. It is a one of a kind mammoth fossil site. It is one of the only three places in the world to have found a nursery herd. Seventeen mammoth's including babies were found in a defense stance which suggests that they were under attack and also caught in a giant mudslide. They were moved from the creek bed to Baylor to prevent the bones from being damaged.

It is also unique because some of the fossils that were found were kept where they were discovered so that visitors can see were the fossils were originally. They constructed a building around the bones to help preserve them. Mammoth remains as well as a camel and a saber cat tooth were also discovered. They have tour guides that take you on a small trip into the building and tell you about the place. They also have people to talk about how they lived and what type of an environment they lived in.

Not only does it have a fossil site but it has a small scale (fake) dig site, for people to see what it's like to be an Paleontologist. Kids are armed with shovels and brushes and try their luck at discovering bones. The guide explains how they would use these tools on a dig site and how important it is to record all the data.


Mammoths ate grass so we can infer that they probably lived in the grasslands were it was very flat and no trees. They ate up to 500 pounds of grass a day, so they would need a wide area to feed from. This could contribute to why all the Mammoths died and went extinct. This means that if they all died, then something big happened while most of them were in the same area to become extinct.

There are several theories on how they went extinct. I think it had to of been something massive such as a comet or meteor, something that could kill thousands of living things at once. One theory is that a meteor or a comet, something with a huge radius, crashed into the Earth. This had catastrophic consequences for the animals. The sun was blocked by all the debris in the atmosphere causing the plants to die. This had a ripple effect on the food chain. If the plants were dying, this meant that the herbivores were losing their food source. If the herbivores were dying from starvation then this also affect the carnivores. The large animals could not survive if most of the plants died.

How It All Started

If you were to ask a Christian how everything began, they would probably say that God created Man and then Eve and that is how life began. But evidence has shown that dinosaurs were here millions of years before humans. Scientists have used carbon dating on fossils to trace back to when the dinosaurs were alive. The bible does not explain how dinosaurs were created. I don't believe a christian would be able to prove using the bible how dinosaurs were created.

This doesn't necessarily mean their beliefs are wrong, it just means they don't have any scientific proof. The bible is a book written by men. We are asked to believe what it says based on faith. Science, on the other hand, gives us proof of how the dinosaurs were created, evolution over millions of years. I choose to believe fact over opinion.

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This is a scale model of a Mammoth. Their body is 14 ft, height (to the) shoulder 12 ft, feet 5 and a-half inches, tail 39 inches, tusks 10 ft.