🐬 Week of November 30, 2020

Hollinger's Island Elementary School

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Welcome back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, even though it was probably different than any from the past.

We will be working hard to make the most of the next three weeks before Christmas break. Unfortunately, that does not include class parties.

Please continue to be vigilant in monitoring your child/ren's temperature and signs of illness as we make every attempt to keep everyone healthy and safe.

2nd quarter ends on January 22, which we are certainly not accustomed to. Please see the revised calendar link below.

Revised Calendar #2

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We are all sad that our Turkey Trot couldn't take place as usual. ☹

However, we will have it later in the school year if possible. Students that already have a Turkey Trot t-shirt may wear them on Fridays.

Due to issues with COVID regulations and other issues, we can no longer accept notes from parents requesting that students ride home with another student, whether by bus or car.

We are doing Stuff the Bus again this year! Please send new, unwrapped toys to contribute to our drive. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice the art of giving to others with a cheerful heart.

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Unless they are ill, please have your child/ren at school every day!

  • Absenteeism, especially chronic absenteeism, negatively affects a student's progress in school.
  • If a student is doing face-to-face and needs to miss a day, they are marked absent. Students are not allowed to miss a day and do their work remotely, with the expectation of being marked present for the day. It simply doesn't work that way.

Remote students must be on time to class, keep their cameras on, and take all assessments with their classes.

Remote parents, please use the chat feature when you have a question for a teacher. We are receiving complaints about parents interrupting a class to ask questions. Also, we cannot stress it enough... please allow your child/ren to do their own work! Helping your child rather than allowing them to experience productive struggle will impede their progress and cause them to fall behind.

Attention 4th & 5th grade girls interested in playing softball:

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Upcoming Dates

  • December 2: Fall pictures, in uniform (red polos)- these will be used for iNow and yearbook
  • December 2: Flu shots (Forms were turned in before the Thanksgiving break)
  • December 3: Spelling Bee for both K-2 and grades 3-5
  • December 8: Tentative date for before school intervention to begin (Tues/Thurs mornings)
  • December 8: Holiday pictures (Christmas background but no Santa, no siblings, no parents)
  • December 18: Ned Zoom- 2:00
  • December 21-Jan 1: Christmas break
  • January 4: Return to school

Coming soon: November Star Students and Honor Roll Scholars!

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