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Pre K 1 Newsletter

The Week before Last

  • I hope everyone enjoyed that Friday off and was safe in the snow
  • Ms. Ashley went sledding like most of you :)
  • Before our week was cut short we continued learning about the penguins and polar bears

From the Arctic to the Ice Age

  • We are now getting into a study on Dinosaurs
  • Pretty much everyone is excited about this, girls and boys because dinosaurs are so is like they are imaginary but they were REAL!!!!!!
  • Mrs. Karleen and I have visited local libraries and checked out many books for the class about dinosaurs
  • If you have anything dinosaur related items at home that you would like to share let us know. Just be aware that bringing it into the class does put it at risk for getting broken. We try our best to remind the children to be careful and respectful of other peoples things