Jayden Green

St. Louis Gateway Arch

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Do tourists know that the Gatway Arch is made out of 2 different materials? Well, those two materials are steel and concrete. In this informational paper, it talks about what the arch looks like, how it was built, and all the features of the arch. Even some secrets facts about the arch.

As said before, the arch is made out of steel and concrete. The Gateway Arch is the tallest monument, and stands 630 feet tall. It has 63 stories, and each stands 10 feet tall.

Construction started February 12, 1963, and finished October 28, 1965. And opened July 24, 1967. The total cost for the Arch itself was $13 billion. The name of the architect who made this swaying arch goes by the name of Eero Saarinen. He had previously thought of making the arch completely concrete, then he thought of making the arch completely concrete, then he thought of stainless steel. After Saarinen had finally made the arch design, he entered a landscape contest with 170 other architects. In the long run,Che had won the contest with a drawing of a freestanding arch. Which was about built to commemorate Thomas Jefferson and St Louis role in the westward expansion of the U.S.

The Gateway Arch has two elevators that hold up to 12 people in each. It also has an observation room that holds up to about 160 people. The museum of westward expansion is very large however. It is tucked away underground beneath the legs of the arch. The museum was designed by a different architect, Alan Mardieosian. Standing near the front entrance of the museum, is a life sized statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Although the arch may seem like fun and games, it has a couple surprising twists to its history! Dan Kiley, the original landscape architect of the arch. Kiley had been working with Eero Saarinen on the memorial competition in 1947. After the competition, Saarinen wrote to Kiley saying the director of the National Park Service (NPS) conrad Wirth wanted NPS landscape architects to take over the design of the arch landscape. Eero declined the notice of NPS landscape wanting the arch design.

Having said that, the arch get many positive reviews and remarks about all their shops, and the museum,and the structure of the arch. It has a whole bunch of facts that not a lot of people knew about until the late 1990's and early 2000's. The arch has an extraordinary set of activities and things to see around the arch!