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Miss Farrell's Class 2014

5th Grade Trip to Historical Philadelphia

We had an outstanding field trip to Philadelphia! Some of our favorite spots were the Liberty Bell, the US Mint, and of course, Franklin Fountain!

WONDER-ful Precepts

We loved reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio! In the book, Mr. Brown introduces precepts, or rules to live by, to his students. After reading the book, we were inspired to make our own precepts. Click on the video to watch our WONDER-ful work!

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Click the link below to learn more about R.J. Palacio and her bestseller, Wonder. You can even send in precept postcards!


Colonial University

Students worked together in small groups to learn about the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. After becoming experts in their field, they created Keynote presentations. Two representatives from each group presented what they learned in groups!


Welcome to the New World!

Students packed ships, sailed, and landed in the New World! Colonies were faced with hardships and good luck. Each colony created a flag and worked together to survive!

Ned Hector, a Revolutionary War actor, visited our class for an exciting and educational presentation! Check out our photos and video from his exhilarating visit!

Click the link to learn more about Ned:


Check out our video of Continental Soldiers working as a team to shoot a cannon while Ned Hector is charging!

password: Farrell208

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