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Week 2 Newsletter

Congratulations on completing your first week of the 12 week challenge!

Getting started is sometimes the hardest. Now we enter week 2 and we really want to make sure you are establishing some good habits. As you may have heard it’s the motivation that will get you started and the habit that will keep you going!

This week we want to share with you our tips on planning and preparation and how it helps you achieve a successful week of training and healthy eating.

Time management is vital to a successful week and just like how you make appointments for the doctors, or have a roster for your work schedule it is just the same for your workouts! Each week draw up a 7 day table or use your diary to schedule your workouts. Lock it in and commit to it! This is also a really great way to also see whether your workouts are achievable within your routine. Treat these workouts just like how you would treat a special appointment – high priority! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page workout ideas and routines!

Meal Preparation and planning!

Meal preparation and planning is also a great way to save time and make the week go easier. Every Sunday we set aside some time to do a meal prep cook off! This way you can freeze some meals and have some fresh ready to go. Here are some handy ideas of foods and snacks to prepare

  • · Hard boiled eggs
  • · Raw veggie sticks in air tight container (celery, carrot, red and green capsicum, cucumber)
  • · Grill lean chicken breast with coconut oil and seasoning
  • · Sweet potato mash/puree
  • · Mixed salad in air tight container (no dressing so it doesn’t go soggy)
  • · Tins of tuna and salmon are always handy to keep on standby as is the pre-cooked brown rice

Don’t forget to share your pictures and ideas of your meal prep ideas on our page!

New Body, New Life Transformation

Are you missing a piece to the puzzle?
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Cleansing tips!

ISAGENIX™ Snacks are necessary, not optional on Cleanse Days. You may suck

on them or chew them. Have an ISAGENIX™ Snack up to 12 times per day on Cleanse days.

You will have better results by using them and you will feel better too. They are like ‘mini

shakes’ and contain a small portion of balanced nutrition to keep the blood sugar

stabilized, stimulate the colon and curb any hunger to keep you comfortable. The remainder are for Shake days.

According to the product formulator, John Anderson, “eating food on cleanse days is a fabricated crutch to appease cheaters and sugar addicts”! It actually makes you feel hungrier, makes your day more difficult and interferes with your results. Having the body enter a mild state of ketosis (burning fat for fuel) is necessary for deep cleansing and toxic fat reduction. However, if you are Diabetic, Hypoglycaemic or if you experience light headedness or dizziness, it is acceptable to eat a slice of apple or fruit as well as the Isagenix Snacks to stabilise blood sugar levels.

You will see other suggestions on the Intro DVD such as snacking on a few slices of cucumber. Many people experience high levels of anxiety, stress or even panic when hunger signs hit. This is a subconscious, trained mind response that occurs as a survival mechanism. This feeling can be reversed and the habit broken by not teasing yourself by eating food snacks. Regardless of your weight, this survival mechanism can be controlled and overcome with the support of your Cleanse Coach and a little will power! Most people report that the first time they cleanse is the hardest and it gets easier after that – many people even report that they now look forward to a cleanse day, even though they may have found the first couple of cleanse days a little ‘tough’ going.

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