Teacher Webinar Series

Webinars offered every Thursday in the Teacher Collaboratory

Take a break and learn a little with our new Webinar series

Come enjoy a cup of coffee while you take notes, discuss, or just sit back and listen as prominent educators and change-makers discuss their challenges and successes in the ever-changing industry that is education. Look for topics on arts+education, working with diverse populations, inspiring positive change, technology integration, career development and classroom best practices. Most webinars are offered through school memberships of ASCD, Magnet Schools of America (MSAP), the National Art Education Association (NAEA), and Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA).

Webinars are available for your personal growth and enjoyment and will count towards any professional development hours needed.

See schedule below for upcoming presentations. Planning period showtimes are at bottom of page. RSVP if you'd like copies of the handouts or just show up :-)

Sparking Student Creativity

Thursday, Feb. 5th, 8am

Teacher Collaboratory - Fishbowl in Library

Patti Drapeau, author of the ASCD book Sparking Student Creativity, shows how to shift your existing instructional practice to one that encourages imagination, creativity, innovation, and problem solving across content. This type of active instruction is designed to promote deep learning.

See how typical lessons compare with creative ones and how to create opportunities to learn that result in creative thinkers and doers.

    About the Presenter

    Patti Drapeau is an educational consultant, trainer, author, and internationally known presenter. Patti has been a presenter at conferences and workshop sessions in school districts in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

    An adjunct faculty member at the University of Southern Maine, Patti is also a consultant for the Maine Department of Education in gifted education and serves on the executive board of the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted.

Interagency Task Force on Arts & Human Development Webinar: Creativity and Human Development

Thursday, Feb. 12th, 8am

Teacher Collaboratory, Fishbowl in Library

How do in-school arts education programs affect student creativity, academics, or social outcomes? Researchers from the Kennedy Center and Johns Hopkins University shared their investigation of these topics during the August 27, 2014, NEA Task Force on the Arts and Human Development webinar. Ivonne Chand O'Neal, Director of Research and Evaluation The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, shared her study on the Changing Education Through the Arts (CETA) program on Washington DC-area public school students. Mariale Hardiman, Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education and former principal of Roland Park Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore, Maryland, discussed her work at the intersection of cognitive research and effective teaching strategies. - See more at: http://arts.gov/video/interagency-task-force-arts-human-development-webinar-august-2014#sthash.CMFSnivz.dpuf

An Overview of What Art Educators Need to Know

Thursday, Feb. 19th, 8am

Teacher Collaboratory - Fishbowl in Library

Presenters: Dennis Inhulsen, President, National Art Education Association and Chair of the Visual Arts Writing Team, and September Buys, Title I Art Educator

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age: A Framework for Inquiry

Thursday, Feb. 26th, 8am

Teacher Collaboratory, Fishbowl in Library

Technology is becoming ever more present in our schools. But to maximize its value for students, educators need a clear framework for how to make its use meaningful.

Join Larissa Pahomov, author of the ASCD book Authentic Learning in the Digital Age: Engaging Students Through Inquiry, as she shares a roadmap for teachers who want to facilitate authentic, student-driven learning in the technology-rich classroom.

Pahomov reviews the framework of five core values that support this learning and shares how to support students as they pursue their own inquiry-based projects. She also gives real-world examples of how teachers can use technology to not just support but also transform classroom learning.

    About the Presenter

    Larissa Pahomov teaches students English and Journalism at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, an inquiry-driven, project-based, 1:1 laptop school considered to be one of the pioneers of the School 2.0 movement. Pahomov has been published in NCTE's English Journal and is a contributor to the National Writing Project's Digital Is website. She lives in West Philadelphia with her husband.

Weekly Webinar Schedule

Thursdays all day, during all planning periods at the following times:

Block 1: 8:30 - 9:30

Block 2: 10:15 - 11:15

Block 3: 12:15 - 1:15

Block 4: 2:15 -3 :15

Most webinars last approximately 1 hour; some are a little more, some a little less.