Greece and Rome

Mythology and Famous People

Roman Famous People/Emperors

There were many roman emperors, some good and some bad. Lets start with the bad. The first 'bad' emperor was Nero. Nero didn't help the roman people when there was a large fire burning many peoples land and then blamed the fire on Christians. To add to that, he built a place called the Golden House on top of the burned area. Another bad emporer was Commodus. Commodus was more concerned with partying than ruling his empire. Not many people did not like this, including his own sister and friends and senates, who tried to kill him. For that he killed many senates. Then later on his friends tried and succeed on killing him even though Commodus was planning to kill them. Another bad ruler followed him called Diocletian. Diocletian did not allow much freedom to people. He fought the Sassanids and Germans, and even prosecuted the Christians. To add to that, another bad emperor followed called Romulus Augustus. Romulus never made his own decisions and even got overthrown by german Odoacer

The Gods of Rome and Greece

The Gods

The difference between the gods of Rome and Greece is only look and name. For example, in Greek mythology the name of the god of the gods and sky was Zeus but in roman it's Jupiter. A basic rundown of the family tree and its history is. Gaea, the earth created titans with Uranus, the stars. The titans were born and the youngest one, Kronos married his sister, Rhea. Then a prophecy told Kronos that his children would overthrow him so when rhea hand a child, Kronos ate him. Kronos ate every child after that but when the last child, Zeus was born, Rhea switched him out with a rock. Zeus got away and later came back and overthrew Kronos and freed his siblings. the siblings then become the Olympians, also known as the Greek gods