Budget Report

Awa Jasseh 2nd Aademic

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Paying Bills

My water bill is 65$, my electric bill is 180$, my natural gas bill is 25$, my phone/internet usage bill is 49$, and my cable bill is 99$. in total, i spend 418$ a month for my monthly bills.

Grocery Shopping

This Is What I Bought When I Went Grocery Shopping:

-Prairie farms milk(2)-2.50$

-Artisan's Bread(2)-2.98$

-Kellog's Cereal(2)-3.76$

-Kraft cheese slices(1)-2.49$

-Oscar mayer Lunch meat(1)-3.00$

-Sargento Shredded Cheese(1)-2.49$

-Perdue chicken(2)-3.98$

-Sparten beef(2)-2.98$

-Starkist tuna fish(2)-1.98$

-Birds eye vegetable bags(3)-3.00$

-Del Monte bananas(2)-0.98$

-Minuite Maid fruit juice(2)-2.50$

-Crosse and Blackwell soup(2)-9.00$

Sparten potatoes(2)-1.96$

-Country Crock butter(1)-2.49$

-O'naturals eggs(1)-2.50$

-Morton's salt(1)-1.29$

-Seven Seasons pepper(1)-2.79$

-Quilted Northern toilet paper(2)-10.00$

-Bounty 12pk Paper towels(1)-4.99$

-Home 360 paper towels(1)-1.49$

-Top Kitchen trash bags(1)-0.84$

-Colgate toothpaste(1)-1.00$

-Dove shampoo(1)-3.29$

-VO5 body soap(3)-4.47$

-Secret deodorant(1)-2.49$

-Sun Laundry detergent(1)-0.99$

-Spartman fabric softener(1)-0.99$

-Palmolive dish soap(1)-1.99$

-Kaboom all-purpose cleaner(2)-7.00$

-Home 360 diapers(2)-16.98$

-Similac baby formula(2)-23.98$

-Best Choice allergy medicine(1)-1.99$

-Top Care pain reliever(1)-3.99$


Total Before Tax: 139.15

Tax(7%)0: 9.74