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The LITT Network is for any teacher in Lenawee County that is thirsty to learn more about innovative teaching ideas, integrated technology, assistive technology, and network with other teachers in the county.
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Technology Tools and Tips

Changes to Google Classroom

Check out the upcoming changes to Classroom! CLICK HERE

Give GooseChase a Try

Looking for the perfect back-to-school activity with your students, or maybe a fun way to get families involved at your back-to-school open house? Or maybe you are looking for an engaging activity at your first PD session! Check out GooseChase EDU

"Blend together the tried-and-true fun of scavenger hunts with mobile technology and create a learning experience like no other."

If you would like more information or help setting up and running your first game please contact me!

Introducing GooseChase EDU

LISD Professional Development Opportunities

REMC 19W Info

PD Offerings with REMC

Get a jump on the new school year! Sign up now for REMC’s August Virtual Courses. Learn about OER, Literacy, Google Apps, and Social Media. Easy, informational & free!

MakeSTEAM Material Checkout

Start requesting the makerspace and STEAM materials now!

Visit the CEMaT website and scroll down to the MakeSTEAM section for checkout form.

Back to School Purchasing on Save Bid

Need a back to school device for yourself or your child? Check out the great deals on the flyer below or visit Save Bid
There are lots of new and exciting things happening at CEMaT. Watch the video below to get learn more about what CEMaT has to offer!

Visit the CEMaT website for more information!

Upcoming Conferences

Ann Smart - Educational Technology Consultant

Thanks for taking time to visit the LITT Network newsletter! My name is Ann Smart, I am the EdTech Consultant for the Lenawee ISD and REMC 19W Director. I also serve as a MACUl Board Member and act as co-project manager for the REMC Classroom Maker project. Prior to my current position, I worked as an EdTech Consultant for Jackson County ISD, Instructional Coach for Adrian Public Schools. I have also taught Reading and PE in Silverthorn, CO, Deming, WA, and Adrian, MI

I am passionate about educational innovation, maker-centered learning, STEAM educations, student-centered learning, and of course technology integration. I believe that every child should have the chance to inquire, create, innovate, and play every day.

How can I support you or your district:

  • Consulting and Resources- Provide an opportunity for a brainstorming session to bounce ideas off of one another. Hunt for resources and activities to match the needs of your school or classroom.

  • Team Teaching Experience-After planning cooperatively, teach a lesson together involving an innovative idea, technology, STEAM, or makerspace.

  • Co-planning-Collaboratively plan a lesson or series of lessons that use technology, innovative idea, STEAM or makerspaces, and meets best practice.

  • Demonstration Lesson-Demonstrate a makerspace or STEAM activity, or a piece of technology in your classroom while you observe.

  • Classroom Engagement and Customization Support-Help design and implement engagement activities and design technology choice assignments or tiered activities.

  • New Teacher Support- Assist new teachers in topics such as classroom management, classroom engagement, innovative teaching ideas, understanding and handling student behaviors, how to manage stress, mentor/mentee relationships, curriculum expectations, and network support.

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