Bluejay News

May 20, 2022

From the Administrative Team

Greenwood Students and Families:

2021-2022 school year is in the books! Thank you to all of you for a wonderful and productive school year! Visit our website at AND check out our new Greenwood App! Search where you get your apps for Greenwood Lab School. Both of these are still a work in progress, but very exciting communication tools!

We are Greenwood…

Our faculty and staff are appreciated and are an inspiring group of individuals to work with, thank you to them for all their time and efforts. We are Greenwood because of these valued educators.

Thank you to our support organizations, G.P.A. and Booster Club, for continuing to enhance our students and their educational experiences. We are Greenwood because of our families, their involvement, and the passions they share for all our students.

Thank you to all our coaches and sponsors and the added time you devote to our students. We are Greenwood because of their diligence and love for their sport or activity and their willingness to share it.

We appreciate our partnership with the College of Education and look forward to continuing that collaboration. We are Greenwood because of their support and common mission.

We value our student workers and graduate assistants and the vital role they play everyday with our students. We are Greenwood because of their energy and role modeling for our students.

We are grateful for all our support personnel in-house, and on campus. We are Greenwood because of their involvement and teamwork.

We are Greenwood because of everyone involved and we wish you all a very relaxing and productive summer!

Ron & Jeni

P.S. Ronda and Michael have done a great job with our newsletter this year – thank you!

Summer Camp & Class Opportunities at Greenwood


These are being offered at Greenwood this summer. Attachments have details about how to register.

High School Summer Conditioning Sessions

Sessions will focus on speed, agility, endurance, core strength and flexibility. All sessions will take place at the Greenwood gym.

We need a minimum of 5 students to register per session and will limit the registration to 20 students per session.

The sessions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00-1:00pm at a rate of $75 per student for each of the 3-week sessions.

Session 1: May 24-June 9

Session 2: June 20-July 14 (Not meeting July 5 or July 7)

Session 3: July 18-August 4

Please email me at if you have any questions. You do NOT have to do all sessions.


Coach McCall

Competitive Fitness Instructor, Greenwood High School

Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine

Final Day Art Class

Here are some pictures of what the students made in their last day of art class.

Last Day Party

Everyone had a great time at our last day of school party on Thursday, even moving it inside because of the rain. Here are elementary class pictures from that party.

Library Open All Summer

The Greenwood library will be open all summer from Monday - Friday from 7:45 - 4:45.

Come by and see them. Students can check out books during the summer.