2nd Grade Superstars!

Week of November 17, 2014

Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. McLaren, Mrs. Wright


Monday -Math 5-1 & Read 10 min
Tuesday - Math 5-2 and 5-3 & Read 10 min
Wednesday - Math 5-4 & Read 10 min.

Thursday - Math 5-5 & Read 10 min.

Friday - No homework

What's New This Week?

Language Arts

In Lesson 8, our Essential Question this week is “How do you know what a story is mostly about?” Target skills are main ideas, details, and visualizing. Phonics skills this week will focus on consonant digraphs (ch/sh/wh/ch/tch/ph) and base words and endings (-s, -ed, -ing).

In writing we will begin to learn about writing to inform.

Words of the Week List #8

Spelling Journeys #8

dish thin white which than push while then chest shine these flash such chase

Challenge: catch thumb



We will begin topic 5 on MONEY this week. Money can be challenging. It is most helpful to practice counting money in everyday experiences, such as paying for something at a store.

** If your child has any difficulty with the homework, it would be helpful to go on the Pearson website for review of the lesson. Go to the upper right “TO DO” and they can go through the exact lesson from the day. As always, First in Math provides great practice with basic addition and subtraction facts. As our concepts will continue to become more challenging, this practice at home is especially helpful.


Keep up with the great work on the First in Math website. This is a wonderful activity to help strengthen your child's math skills on different levels.


Conversation Starters! Try these...

* Who is on a penny? How much is it worth?

* Who is on a nickel? How much is it worth?

* Who is on a dime? How much is it worth?

* What is Veterans Day?

* What is 4 square writing?

* Who did you play with at recess today?

Food Drive - Let's help!

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Visit the Rolling Hills Home & School Association website for announcements and information http://www.rhhsa.org/


* We hope you enjoyed the "Brag Bags" that came home on Friday. Please return to school with all contents Monday. Thank you!
* Conferences - Please double check that your conference time scheduled is still convenient. You will receive an automatic email reminder. Click here for link to Sign-up Genius. I look forward to meeting with everyone very soon!
* Now that temperatures are cooling down, please remind your child to bring a sweatshirt or jacket to wear out for recess.

Important Dates

11/19 - 2nd grade Food Drive ends (see above)
- "Sports" Spirit Day...wear your favorite sports shirts!
11/24 & 11/25 - 12:15 Early Dismissal (11/24 afternoon conferences & 11/25 afternoon/evening)
11/26-11/28 No School (11/26 morning conferences)