Second Week of Camp

The camper continued to learn while having fun.They enjoyed making 4th of July crafts as well as dying their white shirts.
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Building Structures

Creating Patterns Using Beads

What We've Learned this Week

Language Arts


  • Letters( D,T,E,F,V): The campers learned ( D,T, E, F,V) sounds.
  • They completed (D,T, E, F,V) exercises on their phonics book.

2. Writing

  • They completed phonics exercises on their phonics.
  • They practiced writing upper and lowercase letters of (D,T, E, F,V) on their journals and practiced far-point copying from the board by writing words with these initial letters.

3. Listening

  • They detected words with the initial letters above after listening to the following stories read to them: ( Alphatales: Detective Dog and the Disappearing Dougnuts , Aphatales: When Tilly Turtle Came to Tea, Alphatales:Fifi Ferret's Flute, and Alphatales: Teh Enormous elephant Show, and Alphatales: Vera Viper's Valentine)

4. Reading

  • We reviewed sight words identification of (me,we, my, the, to)


1. Identifying and writing numbers( 11-20)

  • The campers recognized numbers 11-20
  • They wrote the numbers and number words( e.g. eleven, twelve..etc)

2. Comparing numbers 11-20

  • They compared numbers using >,<. and =.

3. Sequencing numbers 11-20

They practiced sequencing numbers on math worksheets.

4. Patterns

We reviewed making patterns ( AB, ABC, AAB, ABB) using snapping cubes, little cubes, and beads on a bracelet.

5.2D Shapes

  • We reviewed 2D shapes ( square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, and diamond).
  • Other 2D shapes like ( hexagon, pentagon, and octagon) were introduced.
  • They wrote the name of the shapes on their journals.
  • The colored, cut, and glued the 2D shapes into their journals.


1.4th of July Decorations:

  • They cut red, white,and blue star and glued them into paper plates

2. Making Bracelets:

  • They made bracelets out of beads.
  • They tried to put the beads in a pattern

Team building

They participated in the following activities during field day ( sponge race, bean bag toss, and relay race)

Engineering/ Art

Marshmallow & Spaghetti Structures: They tried to make big structures that would stand up using marshmallows and dry spaghetti.

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1.Black or Blue folder:

  • The blue or black folder is in your child's cubby or backpack.
  • If your child did not attend camp today ( Friday), he/she will get his/her folder the following Friday.
  • Please return the black or blue folder by Monday

2. Field Trip:

  • We are going on a field trip on Wednesday,July 6th to Regal Cinemas to watch "Smurfs 2"
  • If your child want to buy food from the movie theatre, you can put cash in a Ziploc bag labeled with his/her name.

3. Tie Dye Shirts

  • The Tie Dye shirt is in a Ziploc bag in your child's backpack
  • You'll need to take it out of the bag and keep in an open area to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • You'll also going to need to rinse it after it gets dry in place where it won't stain.
  • Please read the instructions in your child's folder for rinsing the tie due shirt.

4.Change of Clothes

  • During this afternoon, most of the campers changed their clothes because they got wet when they were playing the sponge relay.

  • Please bring change of clothes by Monday if your child doesn't have any in his/her cubby.


Completing Writing Assignments

Field Day