D83 Instructional Technology

October, 2016

Technology News

The SeeSaw Subscription is here!

-SeeSaw is a digital portfolio for your students to display their work. You can also use SeeSaw as a blogging platform to connect with other classrooms from around the world!

Google Classroom Updates

-Organize your assignments and announcements into categories.

-Annotate on top of a worksheet right in Google Classroom.

-Add parent notifications.

-Quiz summary for the students.

Check These Out!

Check out some of these cool tools and websites! For new apps, try them on your teacher iPad first. If you want them for your students, please fill out the App Request Form.

Having trouble downloading the apps from the App Store?

~If you have not created an Apple ID yet, you must do so with your d83 email.

~When you create a new Apple ID, it will ask for a credit card, choose "None" unless you want to purchase any apps. It will still ask for an address. You can put your school's address.


Ideas for in-class application:

  • Use this as a conversation starter at the beginning of the day.
  • Write/blog about the power of words.
The Power of Words



If Photon is not working: Go to the settings button, change it to "Port 4", click the "Flash" button.
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Lesson Ideas


Padlet is a great tool that can be used in many ways to collect information that will help drive discussion and instruction. Here are a few ideas of ways you could use Padlet.

Exit Slips- At the end of a lesson have students add a written or recorded understanding of the concept.

Formative Assessment- Ask a question and have student add their answers for an easy and fast way to assess them.

Build Knowledge- Bookmark websites within Padlet and share it out with students to build prior knowledge of a concept. This will ensure that they are concentrated on the material you put in.

Fluency Checks- Have student use the video record feature on their iPad to record themselves reading. They will then post the video on a padlet created by you.