Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of May 13th-17th

Week in Review: May 6th-10th

Another busy week, another week of learning! The students were able to work with multiplication and division (even with remainders!), and we got to see some cool Mr. Rogers videos about how things are made. Mrs. Bryant hatched 6 adorable chicks in her room, and they are so fun to hold...and listen to all day! They are very chirppy! On Monday, the student's were pleasantly surprised to discover if they had HW for the rest of the year (or not). We are looking forward to the next three weeks and all the fun things happening as the end of the year approaches!

What We Will Be Learning About This Week....

Math: The last 3 weeks of school will be devoted to reviewing concepts and spiraling in older skills. This week we will be reviewing place value skills. Monday and Tuesday, the students will use number cards to create different numbers, describe them in different ways (standard, expanded, word form) and then make the biggest/smallest numbers possible with a set of 3-4 numbers. For some students, we will also talk about numbers up to one million!! Wednesday-Friday, the students will work with logic problems on a Hundreds Chart and explore interactive websites that involve place value. The students will also get a chance to work with some down and dirty/third grade/paper and pencil place value worksheets to get them used to seeing that format.

Social Studies: This week will be a continuation of our Economics Unit. Students will learn the differences between producers and consumers, and identify how science and technology have changed communication, transportation, and recreation.

Reading: Animal Research projects are still underway! Students are locating facts and details in nonfiction animal texts, then paraphrasing their learning to write an All About Animal Book. For those who finish early next week, they will be invited to make another All About Book for me to keep in my library to show future students!

Writing: In addition to working on the Animal Books, students will continue to practice writing mechanics, such as capitalization, punctuation, and abbreviations. We will also start to organize our Writing Portfolios for the end of the year.

Word Study: The last word sort for the year will be contractions. The students will spend the week sorting the cards, doing Word Hunts in their read to self books, and finally speed sort and gluing on the 17th. Some students will continue to practice plurals as not all passed the plurals quiz we had on the 10th.

Attention: Library Books are DUE!!!

Please search high and low for missing library books and bring them in as soon as possible!!! Balances will be sent out if there are any missing books.

End of Year Conference Forms

End of Year Conference Forms will be sent out on Thursday, May 16th. Please sign and return one copy and you may keep the other.

I am also having a few in-person conferences for the next two weeks. I will email you to remind you of the time we are meeting. You will receive your End of Year Conference Form on the day of your conference.

End of Year Celebrations and Awards Assemblies

End of Year Celebrations will be on the last day of school, May 31st, at 1:00 pm. Parents are welcome to attend and take their child home after the party as long as they sign them out.

The End of Year Awards Assemblies for K-2 will be help on May 30th. More information to come...


The Book Fair will be from Monday the 13th-Friday the 17th. Hours can be found on the Sommer Library Page. Please come by and get some books for summer!

On the Calendar

Monday, May 13th: Book Fair opens

Thursday, May 16th: Sommer Choir performs "Aladdin" at 6:30 pm,

Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night,

Kindergarten Open house,

PTA Meeting at 11:30 am

Friday, May 17th: "Aladdin" at 6:30 pm

High Fives

Students brought home their Science Journals on Thursday and Friday (the 9th and 10th). Please look over them with your student. I don't need them back as we are all done with Science for the year!

Spotlight Stallion

This week's Spotlight Stallion is Grace Suh! Grace is an amazing student and friend! She also has the nicest handwriting! She will be leaving us on Tuesday, May 21st to go to Korea for the summer! While she is there, she will go to (gasp!) school, and visit family. We'll miss you, Grace!!

Silent Auction Winner

The silent auction winner from our class is Spencer! Spencer will get to join me at Berry Cool on the 21st! We'll have a "cool" time and eat some yummy yogurt!