The Red Convertible.

By: Louise Erdrich.

Take time to go out and read this book. Its a good way to express culture difference. So take time to read this book. You may like it, you may not. If you don't, go see the movite though. Haha!

This author in this story is basically just describing how native american culture is in the everyday world, and it shows the cultural difference in white america and native america.
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"My one talent was i could always make money""It wasn't long before i was promoted to bussing tables, and then to short order cook, , no sooner was i managing the Joliet, I soon become part owner, it wasn't long before the whole thing was mine."
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This is a good story to read because it displays racial differences of the native americans and whites. It really, too, shows that despite the native americans being in America first, they were still discriminated against by whites, and really all races. So its a good story to read as far as culture is concerned.
There are many literary techniques displayed in this story such as imagery, irony, setting, etc.

Literary techniques displayed.

"He had a nose, big and sharp, like a hatchet.""American Legion Halls to shine shoes."''A red olds""Unclipped the buns in her hair, and let in hang to the ground"These are many examples of the literary techniques used in the Red Convertible. There are more used, but these are some of the main ones used.
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