The Egyptian Cinderella - Eygypt

Shirley Climo and Ruth Heller

Summary About the Book

In The Egyptian Cinderella, Rhodopis the main character was taken away as a baby and made a slave in Egypt. Rhodopis worked with three other servants, the leader's name was Kipa. The three servants were mean to Rhodopis and made her do most of their work. Rhodopis' master saw her one day dancing in bare feet very gracefully with her animal friends and decided she should dance bare feet no longer. She got redish gold sandals from him. The three servants got jealous of her and when the Pharaoh's meeting was announced, Kipa and the other servants didn't let Rhodopis go. When Rhodopis was by the riverbank with her sandals off, a falcon came ( a god to Rhodopis )and took one of her sandals. The falcon brought the sandals to the Pharaoh and dropped it on his lap. He didn't stop looking for the person who the sandal belonged to and was eager to marry her when he found the foot the tiny shoe belonged to. When Rhodopis tried on the shoe they got married and lived happily ever after.