Hero Project


My Mom

My personal hero is my mom. My mom is a strong loving woman. She grew up in Michigan and went through law school in Chicago. My mom is a very good mom dealing with five children and making each and everyone as happy as she can. My mom is a perfect definition of a hero.

Untouchable hero essay

Jake Barnett

Period 7

Untouchable hero

A hero is someone who inspires and helps other people live their lives. A hero of mine is a man named Tyler Gregory Okonma also known as Tyler the creator. He is an alternative hip hop artist from California. Growing up without a father Tyler had lots of struggles when making his way to a very famous singer. Tyler the Creator fits my description of a hero through his inspiration, perseverance and creativity.

Tyler the creator is my hero because of his creative lyrics and inspiring perseverance through tough times in life. Like many other famous hip hop singers Okonma grew up without a father. Without a father he missed out on experiences, life lessons, and many other things that most people get. As a teenager this can be very discouraging and can eventually lead you to make bad decisions.This author from biography and context claims “His difficult childhood, including anger over not having a father in his life, has been the subject of many of his songs” . Tyler would often like to make music and mixtapes with his friends and express his feelings about being poor and frequently changing schools. Tyler persevered through all of this and at just the age of 18 his first official album “Goblin” went viral. Through perseverance and hard work he eventually blew up and is now on top of the world. This is why he's my hero.

My personal hero relates to my untouchable hero because they are all the time constantly inspiring me to be the greatest and to never feel down on myself. They both positively affect me on an emotional level. Whenever I am feeling sad or stressed out they both always help me whether it is talking about it with my mom or throwing on some Tyler the Creator and vibe to lyrics that will potentially make me forget about everything else. Even when I'm at my lowest and feel like school and life is meaningless my mom is always there to talk sense back into me. Tyler also does this in a way that can be even more powerful. My mother and Tyler are both heros because they both positively change the way that people live and feel.

If I could have a conversation with Tyler Okonma I think that we would talk a lot about his music and success. I also think that we would talk about how he got their. I think he would tell me to never give up even when everyone tells you too. Overall, these two people have made me apply different things to my life. They have taught me not to quit or feel down on myself because there are people who have it a lot worse. I can apply this in my everyday life through school,sports etc.

These people have shaped who I am as a person today.

Definition of a hero essay

Jake Barnett

Period 7

I'll save her! Que a strong man flying and catching a woman seconds before she hits the ground. This is how many picture a hero. Weather they have powers or have just solely devoted themselves to help others I believe that this is not the correct view of a hero. A hero is someone who inspires others and makes other people's lives better.

A hero is a firefighter running into a burning building to save a child. Imagine a building in flames with screams and shrieks coming from each window. Consider a firefighter ignoring the danger and running into the building and then busting out with three children on his shoulders. This person is risking his or her life to save others. Actions like this can inspire other people to act like them. This what I believe is a hero. Someone who can not only physically save someone, but inspire many others and make lives better for other people.

A hero is a man who takes a trip to Africa to build a school for those who are less fortunate. Dave is a man who lives in a nice building. After months of planning Dave and a group of friends set out to build a school for poor African kids. He is a hero because not only is he is putting a hold on his own life to help others who are less fortunate but inspiring his group to help others along with himself. Dave is a person of great integrity and sets an example for other people around him. In all, I believe that, that I what a hero is.

As many can see a firefighter and someone who devotes their time to others can be portrayed as a hero. If you put your heart and mind enough to it you can become someone else's hero. Everyone has some form of hero and they are all in all the people that help us keep moving forward in life. Think about your hero. Are you like them? Do they inspire you? What makes the, so special to you! In the end, we all need a hero.