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Coolest Underwater Attractions

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The beauty of underwater

What is the most abundant compound on the planet? The answer is water. So it is certain that a lot of beautiful things shall be submerged in water, either it be the coral reefs of Australia or the underwater hotels of Florida. Underwater world has always been exciting, especially to the people who live around the coastal areas or near a beach. Underwater gives you an eternal peace, we have seen various hotels and restaurants being open at underwater locations. The oceans have a big range of biodiversity, from different fishes to snakes, to the big whale, everything seems so fascinating. There are some creatures that we haven’t seen yet as they live deep under water, and hence are less seen. The pressure increases as we go deep into the sea and so is the content of the oxygen. So the creatures found deep under the sea are quite different from the creatures found on the upper level of the oceans.

Not only the oceans are home to a lot of animals but oceans have been the place where a lot of ships have sunken and these sites are a favorite amongst treasure hunters. The ocean if manipulated in a very smart way can fetch you a lot of money. Oceans are always a hideout to people who want to spend their holiday or honeymoon in a peaceful place with natural beauty around them. Some holiday packages also include an underwater trip to a lost ship or anything under the water. The tourism industry is expanding day by day and if the frontiers of this industry stop experimenting, they shall be forced to close their business. And underwater sites have a great deal of scope in the future. Well the kind of interest that the tourists are showing in the underwater sites, the future is not far away.

The cancon underwater museum in Mexico is one of the most unique museums around the globe. It is made of big statues carved by the artist Jason Taylor. The museum attracts a lot of tourists every year and is a big source of income generator for the government. The museum is fenced with the coral reefs found nearby. The stone used in the sculpture is made up of ph neutral concrete and hence is durable. The Jacobs well in Texas are well known destination for people who love deep diving. The well is composed of three different pits, in which two of them are 30 foot and 80 foot each while the other two are only made for professional divers and are really deep.

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Explore The Underwater Sites

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Places to visit

Instead of going to a place where you would be crowded by the people around why not to go to a place which has silence and peace, so that you can enjoy quality time with your family or your life partner. Going to a place line New York, London or Melbourne is of no use. Because you still start searching for your private space and that is a waste of your money. If you want to go on luxurious trip then try something unique this time. Let’s go underwater. Let’s take a look on some underwater sites:

The Neptune memorial reef is near Miami, and is the home of the lost city of Atlantis. After the reef was properly opened for the tourists has increased the number of visitors from some hundreds to millions every year.

The green lake in Austria once in a year submerges itself in the water and is home to scuba divers.

Underwater waterfall in Mauritius is an optical illusion that makes you feel as there is a waterfall on the surface of the oceans. But actually it is the sand that falls from the mountain into the sea.

The humpback whales of Tonga are famous all over the world. The humpback whales are very shy creatures and are very non-aggressive in nature. When you come to Tonga, you must do under water diving with the whales.

A Weeki wachee spring is known for its mermaid city, where mermaid still exists….but only fictionally. The place is known for enacting under water plays of the little mermaid.

Cenote Angelita in Mexico is known for an underwater flowing river. The interesting fact is this that the river is below the sea. Actually, the river is divided by the sea with a layer of hydrogen’s sulphate.

Underwater bar and club in Maldives is very popular and is one of the first ventures to be opened in underwater.

Ambassador lagoon is in Dubai; near the Palm Jumera is home to near about 65000 marine and aquatic lives. It can hold 12 liters of natural sea water.

Poseidon under sea restaurant is a five star hotel; the only difference is that it is under water. The problem with the other under water restaurants is that they have less space to accommodate and hence are a bit uncomfortable. But the Poseidon boasts itself a lot of space for its customers.

The continental trench in Iceland is made by the movement of tectonic plates at 2cm per year. It divides America and the Europe continents.

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