Survivors Daily

By: Reese Popkin

New Organization In Derry, NH

A new organization has appeared in Derry, New Hampshire. Led by an unnamed president, they are rumored to be a small, pure democracy which has about twenty people living under it. Looking to grow and expand, this government will take anyone in, as long as they are fit to protect and serve as a benefit for their community. This form of government works because everyone has their say, and if they are not satisfied with where the government is at they can personally change how its run. Protected by a trained militia, the government protects its people. It also holds them together, settling arguments and keeping peace between members.



The town has an elected President, who is currently unnamed. He is elected by a vote by town. To run for President, a person must nominate himself and have at least two people who support him. This president will be able to call emergency meetings and, if a vote is tied, he will decide the outcome. This President will not have any special privileges over regular citizens, but will have large roles at town meetings. The President will also have to punish the criminals who broke laws himself, in any means.


Any citizen has the power to propose a law at a town meeting. However, before the law is taken to a vote, there must be at least four people who openly support the law. This also goes for things such as impeachments, punishments for criminals, and anything that is to be decided in a law room. To determine if someone broke a law, the matter will be voted on. If guilty, their punishment will then be voted on.

Why We Want To Expand

In our current state, one rebellion or plot against the government could ruin us. With more people, we could ensure our peoples safety. Our strength of each person playing a role in every way of society is huge, and we believe that it will satisfy future people to come. As time passes and our population expands, there will most likely be a shift to a direct democracy, in which officials will be elected. This will be to prevent turmoil and large scale fights at town meetings.