The Horse Whisperer

by : Ashleigh Bounds

Authur : Nicholas Evans Non- Fiction

The reason I picked this book

I went to my friend feed shop and they have books there about horses.I found this book and it turns out to be perfect book for people who likes people and their horses with Adventure in it .


Mrs . Dyer - Tom Booker - Grace - Gulliver -Wayne - Judith - Chatham - Annie Mom - Dad

Grace - and her horse Pilgrim


Grace woke up one morning she looked over to the big red numbers on her alarm clock . When she woke up she wanted to go ride with her friend Judith. When they were riding in the snow they got in a bad accident by a semi truck . Grace and Judith were seriously hurt . Judith and her horse was killed and Grace had lost a leg and her horse Pilgrim was hurt really bad. After they got back from the hospital, she had to use a cane to walk, but the worst thing ever happened . Grace was now scared to ride her horse Pilgrim .While Grace's horse Pilgrim was going through therapy Grace's mom took her to Montana to see Tom Booker to go through therapy to gain her trust with riding Pilgrim again. When both Grace and Pilgrim were done with therapy they were all back to normal and were friends again.

My favoret part

My favoret part is when they took grace to the hospital and she got fixed , but when Grace found out what had happened to her friend Judith she was sad for a long time .
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grace is