The Great Depression


  • The Great Depression started in 1929 & lasted till World War II
  • The stock market crash in October 1929 & high costs of World War I caused it
  • A quarter of American were unemployed
  • Farm prices fell more than 50%
  • Many were homeless, there was social changes, and banks were failing

Key Person

Franklin Roosevelt was the president of the U.S. during the Great Depression. His famous saying about it was "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." He helped the country get through the Depression. He passed Social Security and programs to regulate the economy. He hired workers and refinanced mortgages.

Event List

  1. October 1929- Stock market crash
  2. 1929- The Great Depression started
  3. 1931- Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected U.S. president
  4. 1933- the Depression hit its lowest point, half of Americans were unemployed


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