By: Jenna

History of Pluto

Pluto was discovered in 1930. Pluto's namesake is for a Roman God of the underworld. Pluto is no longer a planet, But may be one again. Pluto is the second dwarf planet from the sun.It was discovered by a man named Clyde Tombaugh.


Pluto's length of day is 153 hours and 18 min. Pluto's length of year is 248 Earth years.

Pluto's number of moons is 3. Pluto is 3.7 billion miles away from the sun. Pluto is

an outer planet.

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What Pluto looks like

Pluto's color is light brown. Pluto's surface is ice temperature. Pluto's temperature is -387/-369 F.

Pluto was made out of ice and rock.

Fun facts about Pluto

Pluto's axis is tilted so far that Pluto is almost on its side. Imagine trying to see Pluto from's like trying to see a walnut from 30 miles away. A 75 pound kid would weigh 6 pounds on Pluto.

The Sky is so dark on Pluto you would see stars during the day. It would take 10 years for a spaceship to reach Pluto. Sometimes Pluto is closer to the sun then Neptune. If you lived on Pluto it would mean giving up yearly birthdays.