Elaina Camerlynck

8th Grade Computer Lit

About my Family

I am the youngest of 4 kids in my family. My brothers are Collin, who is one year older than me, and P.J. is 4 years older than me. Finally, my sister Candra is 5 years older than me.


My only hobby is cheerleading, I have been cheering for as long as I can remember. I am currently on the FOHS varsity cheer team for my freshman year.


I am in the final quarter of the school year. My favorite subjects in school are Math and E.L.A. I had gotten to be in National Junior Honor Society for the second year in a row at OTMS.

Career Day

I am kind of looking forward to career day. For one class, I will see the cosmetologist who actually cuts and does my hair.

My current grades

In last quarter, I had five A's and one B.