Kate: A Writer


I'm a Writer Who...

I think writing opens one's imagination. Writing, to me is fun, but sometimes it can be challenging. My confidence in writing is good, my strengths are writing personal stories and fictional stories. I normally do not like to share my work until it is finished, but I do want to try and share my work with more willingness.

A Memorable Experience

An important writing experience to me, was in fourth grade during Wagon Train. We had four writing assignments, two at home, and two at school. My writing experience is not about how I did, but I learned to write casually, and I learned how to write about good and bad events in the same paper.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

My goals this year are:

  • To intrigue people with my writing.
  • To make stories that people can imagine in their heads, or picture themselves in the story.
  • To learn different writing styles and techniques that will be helpful in middle school and high school.
  • To learn how to write good essays for school interviews and writing assessments.

About Me

I have one brother and two parents. I play soccer and basketball almost year round. I like to listen to music, bake, dance, and most importantly HAVE FUN!! I am usually hyper and energetic, and I value friendship and living life to the fullest!