How to do Well on Finals

Finals are here once again and students need to be prepared.

Why are Finals so Important?

Finals are important at La Follette because even though it's not your entire grade, it can effect your grade. For people sitting on the edge of a B and trying to get to an A can get their A if they study hard. For some students it's the other way around. Maybe they need to do well on their exams to keep their A. So why don't students study?

Many Students Blow Off Studying for Finals

But why? Many students at La Follette, including myself don't really study for their finals. Some people perhaps are like me and just don't need to but, others who are really struggling in classes should really be studying! Many students just goof off until the day before finals and then try to cram, then complain when they do poorly. If they would just study like they should they would do fine.

Tips for Doing Well on Your Finals

Of those who do study they are proven to do better so here are some ways you can do well on your exams!

The End Result

If you put in the time and study hard you should have A's all around the board. Remember not to cram, because studies performed show that most students who do cram only retain about 27% of what they crammed the night before. So make sure to work hard, sleep well, and stay calm and I promise you that you will do well on your finals!