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Inspire Excellence in Education [September 7, 2015]

Essential Habits of an Excellent Educator (click link here)

According to the author "You are what you do every day. Simply put, the habits of an excellent educator are that they have positive habits, and students are usually the central focus." As you visit his link, most of you have habits that he mentions in his article already. If not, make a goal to adopt some of his suggestions.

This and That

  • Proactive people spend majority of their energy on what they have control over. Reactive people are consistently reacting to others, events, or situations that are beyond their influence. Where do you spend most of your time or energy this week? this month?
  • Do you have a Twitter account? Do you know many educators around the world use Twitter to connect and learn from each other? Here is a Twitter challenge: Let's have 80% of our Dixie staff create a Twitter account and follow @dixietylerisd. Find a colleague and follow them too. Good job Dianna, Ashley, Abigail, Crystal, Camille, Reyne, Guisell, Eleanor, Schweizer, Ramirez, for following Dixie on Twitter!
  • If you are reading this newsletter, email me "Happy Dragon" in the subject line and you can wear jeans this Wednesday!
  • Take a look at many different ways our teachers post daily learning targets or objectives below.


Regular PLC This Week 2:40 Room K05

Specials Rotation: Week C

Monday, 9/7/15 Labor Day - no school!

Tuesday, 9/8/2015 Team Leader Meeting 3:45 p.m. (Library)

Monday, 9/14/15 New Teacher Learning Circle 3:30 (RM 12) / Teacher Self Report Part I due

Tuesday, 9/15/15 PBIS Committee Meeting 3:45 pm

Week of 9/14: CPAA/MAP Window

Tuesday, 9/22/15 Team Leader Meeting 3:45 p.m.

Week of 9/21: Book Fair

10/2/15 SafeSchools online training due