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Dear Teachers,

Welcome Back! I hope you had a restful summer. As you know, our physical library is closed, but

our virtual Park library is always open on MackinVia. Please feel free to utilize our eBook collection and databases at any time.

There are two ways to log in.

1. Got to, type 'Edgar Park, El Paso' in the school field, click log in and sign in with your usual EPISD login.

2. Log into classlink, go to EPISD eLibrary, then click on MackinVia.

I've attached the video tutorial for anyone who needs a refresher.

The library department has purchased Pebble Go, but it is inactive at this time. It should be back online later this month.

Below, I have also linked the library schedule. Please review it and let me know if there are any conflicts.

Please reach out if you need help. I can gather online resources for you or assist you in navigating your way through this process. I can even gather resources for your class and put them in a group on MackinVia.