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Rock Bridge High School Newsletter: October 17, 2021

Mission: Rock Bridge High School is a community in which ALL students and staff inspire each other to become lifelong learners.

Hello Rock Bridge Families!

At our October PTSA Meeting, I was asked what our building needed most right now. I was thankful for the question, and my response was an easy one. We need your support. It has been a difficult two years for families, students, and educators. This year we are thrilled to be in person providing the structure school can offer students and families. Educators choose this profession because they want to have a positive impact on the youth in their community. Receiving a kind word is often the most satisfying and motivating component of our job. If you can take just a few moments and send a positive note/email to a Rock Bridge staff member, I know it will give that individual a boost, or pick-me-up, that can be incredibly impactful for our entire community. It doesn't need to be elaborate. A couple sentences letting an educator know how they positively impact you, or your family, will do more for the positive atmosphere of our learning community than we can quantify.

Below you will find information about the following.

  • RB's celebration of World Kindness Day
  • Homecoming Assembly Information
  • Homecoming Spirit Week Schedule
  • Homecoming Dance Details
  • PTSA Homecoming Dance Parent Chaperone Sign-up
  • Picture Retakes are October 20th
  • 2nd IPR is October 21st
  • Conduct and Effort Explained
  • RBHS Tutoring Center
  • National Merit Semifinalists (13) Recognition
  • New 21-22 Calendars (adopted September 13th)
  • For the Love of the Game Flyer
  • Class of 2022 Activities Calendar
  • Counseling Fall Newsletter
  • September BRIDGE Communication

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall Season!


Jacob Sirna

World Kindness Day

We are excited about World Kindness Day coming up on Saturday, November 13th and are planning to celebrate the week leading up to that date. Freshman will be receiving kindness and gratitude lessons through Advisory and Compassion In Action club is hosting a school-wide event on Wednesday 11/10 during all lunch shifts. Students will have the opportunity to create kindness cards to express appreciation for an RBHS teacher and/or lift up a peer. We’d love for parents to get involved as well. Please use this upcoming celebration of kindness as a catalyst to intentionally email a teacher and express gratitude or appreciation. Thank you!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

Homecoming Assembly Friday

We've made some significant changes to our traditional Homecoming Assembly this year. Instead of being in our Main Gym, we're holding our Homecoming Assembly in Rock Bridge Stadium. Also, instead of having it at the beginning of our day, it will be held at the end. See below for our Friday Schedule.

Homecoming Assembly Schedule

  • Block 1 = Normal Schedule
  • Block 2 = Normal Schedule (includes normal lunch schedule)
  • Block 3 = 12:50 to 1:44 (54 minutes)
  • Block 4 = 1:51 to 2:45 (54 minutes)
  • Travel to Stadium = 2:45 to 2:55 (10 minutes)
  • RBHS Homecoming Assembly = 2:55 to 4:05 (1 hour and 10 minutes)

All students on campus will be expected to be in the home stands of Rock Bridge Stadium for the assembly. We will clear the building for this purpose. Please pay close attention to the weather for this day and dress prepared for an outdoor assembly.

Students who have a Career Center Class 3rd or 4th block will be impacted by this schedule change. CACC Staff are aware that these adjustments have been made. The CACC is not changing their schedule to match our Friday assembly schedule.

RB Students with 3rd Block CACC Class:

Since CACC 3rd block will continue until it's normally scheduled end time, RBHS students in 3rd block CACC classes will need to leave at 1:44 and head to their 4th block class. These students should check with their CACC teachers ahead of time and collect all necessary materials before they leave.

RB Students with 4th Block CACC Class:

Since CACC 3rd block will continue until it's normally scheduled end time, RBHS students who leave their 3rd block at 1:44, due to the adjusted assembly schedule, will not be able to enter their 4th block CACC class until the normal 4th block start time. Instead, these students will be able to work in the RB Media Center or Cafeteria until their 4th block CACC class starts. These students should go check in with their 4th block CACC classes at their normal start time. Then they will need to leave for the Homecoming Assembly at 2:45.

Homecoming Spirit Week Schedule

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Homecoming Dance Details

  • All Rock Bridge Students are welcome to attend this dance as long as they are in good standing with the school. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased in advance in the Activities Office. Tickets will be on sale at the dance entrance as well for Rock Bridge Students only. All attendees must show a form of identification to enter the dance. Rock Bridge Students should bring their most current school ID. Please visit the main office to collect your school ID from this year if you have not already received it. If you've misplaced your school ID, you can go to the Media Center to have a new one printed.


  • Guests are allowed as long as the proper guest form has been completed and returned to the Activities Office by the end of day Wednesday, October 20th. There will be no exceptions to this deadline. Guests must also bring a form of identification. Guests must be in high school or younger than 21.


  • This year's Homecoming Dance is being held outside at our Bruin Legacy Plaza at Rock Bridge High School Stadium. This is located between concessions and our home stands. Dance attendees will only be able to enter the dance from the South Parking Lot Entrance to our stadium. Please pay close attention to the weather for this evening and dress prepared for an outdoor dance.


  • Our Homecoming Dance is Saturday, October 23 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

We look forward to seeing all our students at this historic Homecoming Dance!

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PTSA Homecoming Parent Chaperone Sign-up

If you are willing to volunteer some of your time to assist as a chaperone at this year's Homecoming Dance, please click here.

Picture Retakes are October 20th

On October 20th Wagner will be conducting retakes in the PAC Lobby all day. Students who were not satisfied with their initial school picture, or who did not get an initial school picture, should go to the PAC Lobby at some point during the school day to take advantage of this opportunity. We will make an announcement at the beginning of each class period to remind students retakes are taking place. 9th graders should plan to take care of this during their Advisory class, and upperclassmen should plan on completing this task during their AUT. Students without an Advisory or AUT on October 20th should work with their teachers to identify a time during their chosen class that would be least disruptive to complete their picture retakes. Wagner will provide information to students on this day regarding the process for ordering these pictures.

2nd IPR October 21st

It’s IPR time again! Teachers will be submitting all student grades for our second IPR on Tuesday this week. Families will have access to these grades on Thursday, October 21st. Please remember these grades are not a part of a student's transcript. IPR grades are simply a snapshot of a student's grade at the specific time of the IPR.

Parents, when you see these grades, please take some time to talk with your student about them and what they are learning in their classes. If you have questions that your student cannot answer, please reach out directly to your student's teacher(s) for answers.

On these IPRs you will see an academic grade and conduct and effort scores. Student academic letter grades should reflect a student's academic performance. Conduct and Effort scores should reflect a student's school related behaviors. You can find a document that explains these scores directly below the "Grade Due Dates" image.

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RBHS Tutoring Center (Room 334)

During the course of a school year, it is inevitable that we will all need some level of academic assistance. Rock Bridge provides our Tutoring Center for all students during each of the 8 blocks. Our Tutoring Center is staffed by Math, Science, and Studies certified teachers and students with interest (and competency) in each of these contents.

9th graders are able to access this assistance during the second half (45 minutes) of their Advisory class period. They can also use their time in Advisory to seek assistance from their 9th grade peers, Advisory Mentor, and their Advisory Teacher.

10th, 11th, and 12th graders are able to access the Tutoring Center during the first 45 minutes of their AUT. Please speak with your student and remind them that their AUT is the perfect time to get assistance with academics.

Congratulations to Rock Bridge's 2021-22 National Merit Semifinalists!

New 21-22 Calendars

At the September 13 Board meeting, a new 21-22 was approved. You can find the new calendar and a new AB calendar attached below.
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RBHS Class of 2022 Activities Calendar

Click here to view the most up-to-date Class of 2022 Activities Calendar.

RBHS Counseling Fall Newsletter

Click here for the Fall Counseling Newsletter.

September RBHS BRIDGE Communication

Click here for the September RBHS Bridge Communication.

RBHS November Schedule

  • October 20 - Picture Retakes
  • October 21 - IPR 2 Grades Available
  • October 21 - Senior Parent Financial Aid Night (sign up required)
  • October 22 - Homecoming Football Game
  • October 23 - Homecoming Dance
  • October 26 - FAFSA Frenzy
  • October 28 - School Not In Session (Teacher Workday)
  • October 29 - School Not In Session (Teacher Workday)
  • November 1 - Winter Sports begin
  • November 12 - School Not In Session (Teacher Workday)
  • November 24, 25, & 26 - School Not In Session (Thanksgiving Break)

Jacob Sirna

Principal Serving Rock Bridge High School

Instagram: rbhsprincipal